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Rainbow Brite Baby Shower

Hooray for Baby Season!

I love hosting baby showers and birthday’s and well any party really.  I don’t want to toot my own horn (OK, yes I do), but my sister and I throw some amazing parties.

One of my cousins, Bailey was expecting her first baby this month.  Our other cousin Darcy wanted to throw Bailey a shower, with the help of my sister and me.

A little background information for you, I have a boat load of cousins.  And it can kinda get confusing, as there are two that I am going to talk about, but they are not sisters, they are also cousins.

The three of us started brainstorming about themes, my sister and Darcy throwing down some great 80’s cartoon themes.  When Darcy says ‘Oh, I know! Rainbow Brite!’

A little side note: when Bailey found out they were having a girl she said “…she will wear and use anything that she is given but if you have color choices, go easy on the pink please we like the whole rainbow” so a rainbow theme was just perfect for her.  Plus there was a whole ton of Rainbow Brite playing going on whilst growing up.

So to work I went on the invitations.  I had less than a week to design, cut and send them out, so I went with a simple design.  We also kept the theme secret from the Mom-to-be.  That was really fun.  I of course use my Silhouette Cameo to make the invitations and other decorations.
Shower Invitation


I cut out different colored circles in various sizes and sewed them together.  This was my first time sewing paper, and I am now hooked!



We really wanted some tissue paper pom-poms and decided to make some ourselves.  We got some tissue paper packs from the dollar store, instead of separating the tissue paper by color we decided to make them rainbows too.



I think we bought two or three packs, and made about nine small ones and four large ones.  More than a dozen pom-poms for $3!



They look great all clustered together.



Of course I also had to make some rosettes, my other favorite party decoration.  I used plain colored card-stock and matched each of the Color Kids to the color of the rosette.  On the other side of the rosette the circle is the Sprite that matched the Color Kid.



For the banner I cut out onesies and rainbow letters that “Welcome Baby” as the parents had not decided on a name yet.  For the banner spacers I used images of a few Rainbow Brite characters on the onesies.



At the last shower we threw (for a different cousin) we gave these Cookie-in-a-Jar gifts, and everyone said they made wonderful cookies.  So we decided to do it again.  We made 40 of them….



Luckily my mom had tons of rainbow-colored fabric to use on the lids.  We decided to use mini M&M‘s, instead of chocolate chips, because they were the most rainbow like candy.  The tags I made using my Silhouette and I was able to print on both sides of the tags.  The back has the instructions for baking.



My most favorite decoration was the rainbow backdrop on the food table.



I still love looking at pictures of the backdrop.



Remember all those circles I sewed together?  This is where they ended up.  Looks great huh?



We tried to stick to the rainbow theme with the food as well.



Luckily Mother Nature loves colors as much as we do.  The two bowls of marshmallows are  the clouds that border the fruit rainbow.  And of course there is a bowl of Skittles on the table.



We wanted to make a diaper cake, and just in time, SVG Cuts came out with this Tiny Miracle kit that had a diaper castle.  Rainbow Brite’s castle was yellow and had rounded tops, not pointed ones.  If I had more time, I might have tried to adjust the tops, but the castle still looked great as it was.



Although I didn’t take pictures of the food tent labels, they also matched the rainbow theme.



My sister made these wonderful rainbow cupcakes.  To which I added the cupcake toppers with all the characters.



I also made the mom-to-be a souvenir invitation and framed it for her.  My mom had a couple of dolls, that belonged to my nieces, so we added them to the decor.



My sister made some gluten-free chocolate cupcakes and some that were rainbow inside.



Oh, so yummy!



And of course here is my cousin in all her pregnant glow!

MSS_RainbowBrite23The guests played present bingo, when mom-to-be opens a present, you get to mark in on a Bingo card.  It is a fun way to get everyone involved in the presents and we play it at all our showers.

My cousin was just thrilled when she came and saw the theme and all the decorations.  Her baby girl has since arrived and everyone is doing wonderfully.



Happy Party Planning

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Seven Days of thanks ~ Week 3

I want to give daily thanks in honor of Thanksgiving this year.  Instead of a new post each day, I will recap what I am thankful for at the end of the week.  It is a great way to reflect on the little things in our daily life that we should be thankful for.

First I have to give thanks to you readers who are going to forgive me for not posting this days ago.  I forgot to schedule it, and didn’t realize it.  oops.


7 Days of Thanks Nov 15-21

Nov 15
The ability to easily make friends.  This boy can and will make friends with anybody where ever we go.  I’m not gonna lie, sometimes the other kids don’t realize they are friends or that Ian is playing with them, but he is.  It allows him to have fun and be carefree where ever we are.



Nov 16
Family get togethers.  I have a wonderfully amazing family.  And we try to find any excuses to have a party.  Even if it is only to try out some new coffee.  Which then became a birthday party, but alas I didn’t take pictures of the actual people there.



Nov 17
Fearlessness.  OK, so sometimes I am not really thankful for it, because he gives me a heart attack like every thirty seconds.  But I am thankful that he is adventuress and has the drive to figure things out.  He couldn’t reach the door handle, so he pushed his chair over.



Nov 18
Our fume hood.  Stinky thiols are horrible to work with, and I am so thankful that I have a working fume hood to keep them.



Nov 19
The things this kid says.  I try really hard to write down what he talks about, but sometimes it is so much and so funny, I can’t get it all down.  I really need a recorder in my car, or better yet, just attached to him.  He is constantly making me laugh.



Nov 20
The treadmill.  I know sick right?  But if it were not for the treadmill, I would be out walking/running in the very cold wet yucky weather.  Plus I can use it, at the gym, after the boys go to bed without fear of running in my neighborhood.  This way I am able to stick to the C25K program that I just started.



Nov 21
Another thing I am thankful for at work is these auto-tip fillers.  Could you imagine refilling this by hand?  That is like a million little tips to fill the box.  Maybe an exaggeration, but not if you are filling them by hand.




What are you thankful for?

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Seven Days of thanks ~ Week 2

I want to give daily thanks in honor of Thanksgiving this year.  Instead of a new post each day, I will recap what I am thankful for at the end of the week.  It is a great way to reflect on the little things in our daily life that we should be thankful for.

7 Days of Thanks Nov 8-14


Nov. 8
This view from work.  While I would rather be home with the kids, it is nice to have something pleasing to look out through my window.


Nov. 9
Little Helpers.  Baby Sid is such a messy eater that I am constantly sweeping up after him.  Sometimes he likes to help.  Actually he loves to use the swiffer on the floor.


Nov. 10
Indoor play gyms.  With the cold rainy weather that comes with fall, winter and spring here in the Pacific Northwest, it is great to have some place that the kids can run off excess energy.


Nov. 11
Little Artist.  The best thing about having toddlers is the stuff they make for you, or just make.  I have always been a fan of handprint art work.  Ian has been enjoying make handprint as well.  So he asked to paint, and when I came back he was making his own handprint picture.


Nov. 12
Cousins.  I am close with my cousins and I love that my sister’s kids and mine are so close, even if they are seven years apart in age.


Nov. 13
OMSI.  The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is a hands on learning museum.  They have a toddler play area that brings fun and learning together.  It is also great because the kids can play in different areas and I can watch them the whole time.


Nov. 14
Brothers.  Ian took it upon himself to read to his brother.  I just love it.


What are you thankful for?

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Seven Days of thanks ~ Week 1

Last year I did a “Days of Thanks” blog posts during the month of November leading up to Thanksgiving.  I really enjoyed finding something new each day to be thankful for.  I wanted to participate again this year, but come Nov 1 I felt stressed about the idea.

I shouldn’t feel stressed about being thankful, that seems counterproductive.  I was stressing about having to remember to write something and post it everyday.  What if I don’t have time (I was at home on maternity leave this time last year, and now I am back at work) to write about it before the day is done and I am crashed out, asleep, exhausted?  What about the days that a “thankful” post will interfere with another post I want to write?  Will I end up doing a post about my kids everyday? or maybe about my coffee?

Those thoughts, and more, were going through my head as I was up with a sick baby at 4 o’clock in the morning.

So I decided it would be better to do a recap of the things I was regretful for during the week.


7 Days of Thanks Nov 1-7

Nov. 1
Our humidifier.  When Sid woke up in the middle of night having a hard time breathing, I was thankful that I already owned a humidifier.  His breathing was back to normal by the time the sun came up.


Nov. 2
Pinterest.  I am thankful to be able to share creative ideas with millions of strangers.  I found the idea for these Mummy Juice Boxes on there.  Ian took them to his school Halloween party, and all the kids loved them.


Nov. 3
Brothers. These two are amazing.

Nov. 4
Ian’s love for LEGOs.  It is no surprise our family loves LEGOs.  I love being able to pass on my childhood favorites to my kids.Thanks_week1_lego

Nov. 5
That second cup of coffee.  Yep, I did it.  I posted about my morning coffee. But it is so necessary and everyday I am thankful for that cup.


Nov. 6
Preschool.  I am so thankful that someone else is teaching my kid.  I could never be a parent that home-schools their kids.  Way too hard for me.  How do I teach this left-handed kid how to write from left to right.Thanks_week1_chalkboard

Nov. 7
Face Time.  I don’t have an iPhone, but my mom does.  My baby cousin is away at college, a freshman, and we all miss her terribly.  It is so great to be able to see her face when we talk to her.  Baby Sid get’s so excited he tried to eat the phone.  OK, so maybe he was giving her kisses.


What are you thankful for?


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