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Little Fox Baby Shower






I have a second cousin who is about to have her first baby.  She grew up in Hawaii and her parents are still there, but her and her husband live here in the Pacific Northwest now.

Since she has a plethora of family here, we decided to give her a baby shower.  Some of my aunts, my sister, my mom and another cousin gave the shower.  We all participated in the food, but I was tasked with making most of the decorations.

Baby Mama and Baby Daddy started calling the baby Little Fox.  So we decided to have a shower with a fox theme.  At first my sister and I thought about doing a Fox and the Hound theme, since Baby Mama and Baby Daddy are also dog parents.

The timing of the shower was really close to that of Ian’s birthday party, so I didn’t get a chance to get into The Fox and the Hound theme.  So we just focused on a Little Fox & forest theme.

Little Fox Baby Shower

For the decorations I mostly used two kits Camp Out by Crazy4Monograms and Woodland Animals by Pixel Paper Prints.

I of course started a Pinterest board for the shower.

My sister thought these cupcake in a box guest gifts were so great that we decided to give cookies in a box as gifts.  We used this recipe, omitting the nuts, for our gifts.  We also really like these fox treat holders.  Neither of us own a Silhouette (yet…) so I had to make them in photo shop and just cut them out.  My sister bought some lollipops and I made little circles to glue on them.

Little Fox Baby Shower

Little Fox Baby Shower

Little Fox Baby Shower

Little Fox Baby Shower

Of course it wouldn’t be a party with out personalized M&M’s!  Which is what we put in the treat bags.

Little Fox Baby Shower

My sister really like this pop-corn-tree, she made the cones to hang from some branches.

Little Fox Baby Shower

My sister also made these wonderful acorn cookies from chocolate chips, Hershey Kisses and mini Nutter Butter cookies.  She also made the stump for decoration on the plate (I really had to point that part out).

Little Fox Baby Shower

We always make food labels, and I really like how this post used pine cones to hold them.

Little Fox Baby Shower

I made this “Welcome Baby Jack” banner

Little Fox Baby Shower

And of course we made some pinwheels, after they turned out so great for Ian’s birthday party.

Little Fox Baby Shower

My aunt made this wonderful cake.  It was as delicious as it was adorable!

Little Fox Baby Shower

Little Fox Baby Shower

Little Fox Baby Shower

We played gift Bingo, Guess How Many?, and Is the Price Right? games.

With Gift Bingo the guests get Bingo cards with gifts on them,which they cross out as Baby Mama opens it.

Little Fox Baby Shower Bingo

For the “Guess How Many” game, we bought a baby bottle and filled it with candy, the guests then need to guess how many candies are in it.  I made these cards for them to write their guess on.

how manyFox

For the “Is the Price Right?” game, we bought some baby necessities for Baby Mama and had her guess what the prices were.  The guests then decided if she guessed ‘too high,’ ‘too low,’ or ‘just right.’  I made some cards for this game too.


We were able to Skype with her parents in Hawaii, which was great since they couldn’t be there.  That way they were able to watch her open the gifts.

I think it turned out to be a great shower.

Happy Party Planning


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16 thoughts on “Little Fox Baby Shower

  1. I had no idea you were thinking of the Fox and the Hound! How clever! Someone bought us that movie recently and it’s still in its wrapper because I’m too scared to watch it. I haven’t seen it for years and I’m nervous I would cry like a baby! I honestly cannot thank you all enough for all of the love and hard work you out into that shower for me. I feel so cherished and blessed and look forward to seeing you all again soon! This time, with little fox on board! 😉

  2. Planning a baby shower for my boss’ great grand baby… The Fox theme will be perfect. Last name is Fox!!!

  3. Pingback: Little Fox Baby Shower

  4. I am putting together a fox theme babyshower and love the welcome baby banner. How can I get it???

  5. How did you make the banner? Very pretty!

    • Jessica, do you mean the long brown one?
      I designed it in photoshop and saved it as a PDF in the size I wanted to print it. Adobe reader (I think IX or later) let’s you print as a poster, meaning it breaks it up and prints part of the poster on each piece of paper. I then trimmed the edges and taped together.
      Thanks for the nice comments

  6. Where did you find the fox clipart for the M&M treat bags? I want to do something similar at my fox themed shower.

  7. How did you make the acorn treats. I saw the ingredients but how did you stick everything together?

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