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Rainbow Brite Baby Shower

Hooray for Baby Season!

I love hosting baby showers and birthday’s and well any party really.  I don’t want to toot my own horn (OK, yes I do), but my sister and I throw some amazing parties.

One of my cousins, Bailey was expecting her first baby this month.  Our other cousin Darcy wanted to throw Bailey a shower, with the help of my sister and me.

A little background information for you, I have a boat load of cousins.  And it can kinda get confusing, as there are two that I am going to talk about, but they are not sisters, they are also cousins.

The three of us started brainstorming about themes, my sister and Darcy throwing down some great 80’s cartoon themes.  When Darcy says ‘Oh, I know! Rainbow Brite!’

A little side note: when Bailey found out they were having a girl she said “…she will wear and use anything that she is given but if you have color choices, go easy on the pink please we like the whole rainbow” so a rainbow theme was just perfect for her.  Plus there was a whole ton of Rainbow Brite playing going on whilst growing up.

So to work I went on the invitations.  I had less than a week to design, cut and send them out, so I went with a simple design.  We also kept the theme secret from the Mom-to-be.  That was really fun.  I of course use my Silhouette Cameo to make the invitations and other decorations.
Shower Invitation


I cut out different colored circles in various sizes and sewed them together.  This was my first time sewing paper, and I am now hooked!



We really wanted some tissue paper pom-poms and decided to make some ourselves.  We got some tissue paper packs from the dollar store, instead of separating the tissue paper by color we decided to make them rainbows too.



I think we bought two or three packs, and made about nine small ones and four large ones.  More than a dozen pom-poms for $3!



They look great all clustered together.



Of course I also had to make some rosettes, my other favorite party decoration.  I used plain colored card-stock and matched each of the Color Kids to the color of the rosette.  On the other side of the rosette the circle is the Sprite that matched the Color Kid.



For the banner I cut out onesies and rainbow letters that “Welcome Baby” as the parents had not decided on a name yet.  For the banner spacers I used images of a few Rainbow Brite characters on the onesies.



At the last shower we threw (for a different cousin) we gave these Cookie-in-a-Jar gifts, and everyone said they made wonderful cookies.  So we decided to do it again.  We made 40 of them….



Luckily my mom had tons of rainbow-colored fabric to use on the lids.  We decided to use mini M&M‘s, instead of chocolate chips, because they were the most rainbow like candy.  The tags I made using my Silhouette and I was able to print on both sides of the tags.  The back has the instructions for baking.



My most favorite decoration was the rainbow backdrop on the food table.



I still love looking at pictures of the backdrop.



Remember all those circles I sewed together?  This is where they ended up.  Looks great huh?



We tried to stick to the rainbow theme with the food as well.



Luckily Mother Nature loves colors as much as we do.  The two bowls of marshmallows are  the clouds that border the fruit rainbow.  And of course there is a bowl of Skittles on the table.



We wanted to make a diaper cake, and just in time, SVG Cuts came out with this Tiny Miracle kit that had a diaper castle.  Rainbow Brite’s castle was yellow and had rounded tops, not pointed ones.  If I had more time, I might have tried to adjust the tops, but the castle still looked great as it was.



Although I didn’t take pictures of the food tent labels, they also matched the rainbow theme.



My sister made these wonderful rainbow cupcakes.  To which I added the cupcake toppers with all the characters.



I also made the mom-to-be a souvenir invitation and framed it for her.  My mom had a couple of dolls, that belonged to my nieces, so we added them to the decor.



My sister made some gluten-free chocolate cupcakes and some that were rainbow inside.



Oh, so yummy!



And of course here is my cousin in all her pregnant glow!

MSS_RainbowBrite23The guests played present bingo, when mom-to-be opens a present, you get to mark in on a Bingo card.  It is a fun way to get everyone involved in the presents and we play it at all our showers.

My cousin was just thrilled when she came and saw the theme and all the decorations.  Her baby girl has since arrived and everyone is doing wonderfully.



Happy Party Planning

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Little Fox Baby Shower





I have a second cousin who is about to have her first baby.  She grew up in Hawaii and her parents are still there, but her and her husband live here in the Pacific Northwest now.

Since she has a plethora of family here, we decided to give her a baby shower.  Some of my aunts, my sister, my mom and another cousin gave the shower.  We all participated in the food, but I was tasked with making most of the decorations.

Baby Mama and Baby Daddy started calling the baby Little Fox.  So we decided to have a shower with a fox theme.  At first my sister and I thought about doing a Fox and the Hound theme, since Baby Mama and Baby Daddy are also dog parents.

The timing of the shower was really close to that of Ian’s birthday party, so I didn’t get a chance to get into The Fox and the Hound theme.  So we just focused on a Little Fox & forest theme.

Little Fox Baby Shower

For the decorations I mostly used two kits Camp Out by Crazy4Monograms and Woodland Animals by Pixel Paper Prints.

I of course started a Pinterest board for the shower.

My sister thought these cupcake in a box guest gifts were so great that we decided to give cookies in a box as gifts.  We used this recipe, omitting the nuts, for our gifts.  We also really like these fox treat holders.  Neither of us own a Silhouette (yet…) so I had to make them in photo shop and just cut them out.  My sister bought some lollipops and I made little circles to glue on them.

Little Fox Baby Shower

Little Fox Baby Shower

Little Fox Baby Shower

Little Fox Baby Shower

Of course it wouldn’t be a party with out personalized M&M’s!  Which is what we put in the treat bags.

Little Fox Baby Shower

My sister really like this pop-corn-tree, she made the cones to hang from some branches.

Little Fox Baby Shower

My sister also made these wonderful acorn cookies from chocolate chips, Hershey Kisses and mini Nutter Butter cookies.  She also made the stump for decoration on the plate (I really had to point that part out).

Little Fox Baby Shower

We always make food labels, and I really like how this post used pine cones to hold them.

Little Fox Baby Shower

I made this “Welcome Baby Jack” banner

Little Fox Baby Shower

And of course we made some pinwheels, after they turned out so great for Ian’s birthday party.

Little Fox Baby Shower

My aunt made this wonderful cake.  It was as delicious as it was adorable!

Little Fox Baby Shower

Little Fox Baby Shower

Little Fox Baby Shower

We played gift Bingo, Guess How Many?, and Is the Price Right? games.

With Gift Bingo the guests get Bingo cards with gifts on them,which they cross out as Baby Mama opens it.

Little Fox Baby Shower Bingo

For the “Guess How Many” game, we bought a baby bottle and filled it with candy, the guests then need to guess how many candies are in it.  I made these cards for them to write their guess on.

how manyFox

For the “Is the Price Right?” game, we bought some baby necessities for Baby Mama and had her guess what the prices were.  The guests then decided if she guessed ‘too high,’ ‘too low,’ or ‘just right.’  I made some cards for this game too.


We were able to Skype with her parents in Hawaii, which was great since they couldn’t be there.  That way they were able to watch her open the gifts.

I think it turned out to be a great shower.

Happy Party Planning


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My Little Man Mustache Baby Shower

Do you have a second baby shower when the next kid is the same gender as the first?

What is the proper protocol for baby showers?  Who really cares?  If you want one have one!

My sister threw my shower when I was pregnant the first time with my oldest son.  When I was about six months pregnant with my second son she asked me about having another one.  To which I replied, “I am not throwing it, so it is not up to me.”

She and my mom decided to have a shower-meet-the-new-baby-party after he was born.  And naturally I was left to choose my own theme and make my own decorations.

I decided to do a Little Man with a Mustache theme.  I liked all the mustache and tie stuff I have seen on Pinterest.

While this happened in Sept. I figured I should post about it while we are still in Movember since it was full of mustaches!

Here are some of the pictures from the party:

  1. Our take home treats.  I just love the “Before you mustache (must dash) please grab a treat” sign.  I also made a couple of banners of mustaches and neck ties
  2. “Wet your Whisker” for the lemonade punch
  3. For the take home treats my sister made sugar cookies in the shape of mustaches.  She even had to make a ‘cookie cutter’
  4. I made little mustaches that we put on bendy straws for some sipping
  5. My mom found these mustache stickers at Party City, so it is only fitting the man of the hour wear one.
  6. A few outfits for my little man
  7. I made this banner that said “Boy oh Boy” I saw a similar one here via Pinterest
  8. My aunt made Sid’s cake, it was Kahlua cream! Can you say super YUMMM!!  I love the onesies with neck ties
  9. I also made some food tags and got the Keep Calm sign idea from the same blog as the banner.  My sister made “Cigar” pretzels dipped in chocolate.

We all had a great time getting together and passing around the baby.

If you would like to learn more about Movember, or make a donation to help fight prostate cancer head to the Movember & Sons site.