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Planking Challenge

Our Planksmas has come to an end.

After 25 days we were all able to complete the 5 min plank.

Since it was Christmas we were all tasked to compete the plank on our own and then on Dec 27, when we were all back at work we would do it again.

Some thought it wouldn’t be possible to hold a plank for 5 minutes, but we did it.

Here are some of the pictures I posted of us planking:

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Come January we will be starting a push-ups challenge if you would like to join me I will post the schedule on Jan 2. It’s a 30 day challenge, and since Jan 1 is on a Sun, we decided to start the Mon we all come back to work together.

I hope you all found planking as great as I did and see you in January!


Just. Keep. Running.

Want to find out what is on my race calendar?  Check out my list.

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Seven Days of thanks ~ Week 3

I want to give daily thanks in honor of Thanksgiving this year.  Instead of a new post each day, I will recap what I am thankful for at the end of the week.  It is a great way to reflect on the little things in our daily life that we should be thankful for.

First I have to give thanks to you readers who are going to forgive me for not posting this days ago.  I forgot to schedule it, and didn’t realize it.  oops.


7 Days of Thanks Nov 15-21

Nov 15
The ability to easily make friends.  This boy can and will make friends with anybody where ever we go.  I’m not gonna lie, sometimes the other kids don’t realize they are friends or that Ian is playing with them, but he is.  It allows him to have fun and be carefree where ever we are.



Nov 16
Family get togethers.  I have a wonderfully amazing family.  And we try to find any excuses to have a party.  Even if it is only to try out some new coffee.  Which then became a birthday party, but alas I didn’t take pictures of the actual people there.



Nov 17
Fearlessness.  OK, so sometimes I am not really thankful for it, because he gives me a heart attack like every thirty seconds.  But I am thankful that he is adventuress and has the drive to figure things out.  He couldn’t reach the door handle, so he pushed his chair over.



Nov 18
Our fume hood.  Stinky thiols are horrible to work with, and I am so thankful that I have a working fume hood to keep them.



Nov 19
The things this kid says.  I try really hard to write down what he talks about, but sometimes it is so much and so funny, I can’t get it all down.  I really need a recorder in my car, or better yet, just attached to him.  He is constantly making me laugh.



Nov 20
The treadmill.  I know sick right?  But if it were not for the treadmill, I would be out walking/running in the very cold wet yucky weather.  Plus I can use it, at the gym, after the boys go to bed without fear of running in my neighborhood.  This way I am able to stick to the C25K program that I just started.



Nov 21
Another thing I am thankful for at work is these auto-tip fillers.  Could you imagine refilling this by hand?  That is like a million little tips to fill the box.  Maybe an exaggeration, but not if you are filling them by hand.




What are you thankful for?

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Best laid plans….

Have you ever noticed how reality doesn’t match our expectations?

I have a plan on how my mornings should go, but some how that never happens.


This was my plan this morning:

5 am ~ semi-wake up to feed Baby Sid, then go back to sleep

6 am ~ get up, get coffee and pump

6:30 am ~ shower & get ready

7 am ~ feed Baby Sid again

7:20 am ~ turn van on to warm it up for the kidos

7:22 am ~ get Baby Sid changed and in his car seat ready to go

7:30 am ~ get Ian up and ready to go

7:40 am ~ calmly and efficiently load up kids to take to the sitters


Here is what REALLY happened:

4:40 am ~ Baby Sid wakes up and wants to eat

5:50 am ~ Ian goes to bathroom door crying “Mama, I need to see you a minute” not knowing my husband was the one in the shower.

5:52 am ~ Ian crawls into our bed, after I tell him where I was.

6 am ~ put Ian in his bed with a movie and something to drink

6:06 am ~ change Baby Sid and put him in the swing and hope he goes back to sleep

6:10 am ~ pump while drinking coffee (finally!)

6:15 am ~ Ian comes out of his bedroom wanting to ‘watch Tall Star Wars in da living room’

6:34 am ~ turn on Return of the Jedi

6:45 am ~ shower time

7 am ~ find Ian asleep on the couch, time for me to get ready

Sleeping Ian

7:20 am ~ wake up Baby Sid and try to feed him

7:26 am ~ Baby Sid won’t eat take him to clean out his nose

7:31 am ~ try to feed Baby Sid again, still won’t eat

7:37 am ~ go out to start van

7:39 am ~ change Baby Sid, take some pictures because he is so cute and then put him in his car seat

Baby Sid

7:42 am ~ run around the house in circles trying to locate everything we need and get my shoes on

7:55 am ~ put a sweatshirt on Ian and take the still sleeping boy out to car and buckle him in.

7:58 am ~ take Baby Sid out to car

7:50 am ~ make at least four trips back into the house to get things I had forgotten

8:02 am ~ leave for sitters house


Maybe Thursday will be easier….

Happy Reality Check!



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Back to Work Blues and Menu Plan Monday Jan 7th

Sunday was the last day of my maternity leave….

I return to work on Monday, only 2.5 days the next two weeks and then I will be working 4 days a week.  Which is better than 5 but not as good as none!

So I spent the day at home playing with the boys.  Ian and I built this Zoo for his fishy.


What will I be cooking this work week?  Well some easy stuff on the days I have to work to make the transition a little easier.

Menu Plan January 7th-13th

Mon.  Roasted Tomato Soup with Parmesan Crusted Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Tue.  Skillet Tacos with Mexican Green Rice

Wed.  Pesto Chicken Tortellini Soup

Thr.  Beef  Bourguignon with Duchess Potatoes 

Fri.  One-Pot Chicken and Brown Rice

Sat.  I don’t cook on Sat

Sun.  Chicken  Milano

Happy Planning!


Need something to help plan your meals?  I use the Plan to Eat online meal planner.  Try it free for 3o days

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Find more recipes at I’m an Organizing Junkie