I Tri and Craft

thoughts from a mother of boys, a marathoner, a triathlete, a crafter, a wife, and a scientist

My Pictures

Sometimes I take pictures, some of them might be nice to look at…

The pictures on this site are all taken by me, unless noted.  Sometimes I take them with my phone, sometimes with my camera.

The text and images of this blog are the sole property of Mama Sonshine. Any use of these images or text without the express permission of Mama Sonshine is forbidden.


Mama Sonshine has designed the decorations for the parties discussed on this blog.  When the party packs contain graphics designed by others, this information will be disclosed and the original artist will be credited.   In these case the images, graphics and characters used in these party packs are not licensed products and are not being sold.  Mama Sonshine does not claim any ownership over the characters or persons used in our customized designs; they solely belong to their respective copyright owner. The labor, time, and creative effort used in making your custom the party pack is copyrighted by Mama Sonshine.

The party packs designed by Mama Sonshine are for personal use only.  Please do not forward, share, sell or distribute the images for any commercial purposes or claim as your own design.



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