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Mad Scientist Birthday Party

My sister asked the girls what kind of party they wanted to have, and of course like typical nine-year olds they had no idea.  My sister talked them into having a Mad-Scientist Party and they loved the idea!

We made the invitations to look like fliers for a chemistry symposium.  I used a picture that I had photoshoped of them working in a lab.

(image coming soon)

We made all the decorations using some elements that I created myself and some from the kit Weird Science by Traci Reed.  I also made each kid their own I.D. badge.  The bar code was made using a website (which I forgot to bookmark) and the girls birth date.  Some of the inspiration for the decorations I found on this blog and also this one via Pinterest.

Food and decorations

My sister got Rock Candy, Warheads & Pop Rock candies, as well as crackers for snacks because the party was in between food times.  She made a partial periodic table out of cupcakes.  The kids were also super busy with the experiments, and didn’t eat much.

Food and drink

What lab party would be complete without bottles of H2O!

Gift Bags with items for experiments

My sister also made Jello-petri dishes with sprinkle bacteria.  She put together gift bags for the kids that had items they would need for the experiments.  We put hazard labels on the bags which separated the kids into groups.   The birthday girls are pictured below on the right.

Mad Scientist at Work!

The kids all got lab coats and goggles to perform the experiments, which my sister put together and purchased.

Mad Scientist at Work!

Some of the experiments were finger print lab, making snow, making lava lamps, and tie-dyeing socks.  We enlisted help from friends to run each lab experiments.

The grand finally!

And we ended it with dropping Mentos into Diet Cola.

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