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30 Day Push-Up Challenge

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So I really want to start doing more push-ups. If there is one thing that is lacking in my exercise routine it is upper body strength training.  I don’t have equipment at home, so doing push-ups is a great at home work out.

For January me and my coworker decided we would start our challenge the Monday after New Years, which was is today (Jan 2), and that made it a 30 day challenge instead of a 31 day challenge.

We will do push-ups everyday with one rest day on the weekend, I have picked Sunday as my rest day, but if you want Saturday to be your rest day that is ok too. Normally I wouldn’t have rest days for something like this, but those Planksmas kids asked for it…..

We increase our push-ups and after doing 10 I have split them by adding planks in between sets. For me this breaks up the repetition of just doing push-ups over and over again.

On the 30th day you have a choice of doing all 50 at once or doing 25:25 with a plank in between.

So here is your schedule.

2012 One-Month Basic Calendar (any year)

Download it, print it, mark off your days. Have fun!

Want the PDF version? Get it here —>push-ups


Just. Keep. Running.

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