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The Year of the Races

In my younger days I ran.

I ran for fun and my health.  I loved it.  And one day I stopped.  I don’t know why, it was something that just faded away.

In the years that have passed I always thought about starting again.  Every time I would try to run at the pace and longevity that I had before.  I knew better, I knew that after a decade of not running I couldn’t pick up where I left off.  But I tried, and I failed.  So I would get discouraged and put my running shoes back in the closet.

It is different this time.

In October of 2013 I broke that habit.  I heard about the Couch to 5k program.

Before I praise the program, let me tell you something about it.  It is nothing but common sense.  This is not a negative comment about the program.  I knew I needed to start small and work my way back up, but I needed someone else to tell me how to do it.

The basic principle is that you start out by doing running and walking intervals.  You run three times a week for nine weeks.  With each run you gradually increase the time (or distance) spent running.  At the end of the 9 weeks you are able to run a distance of 5k (about 3 miles) without any walking, supposedly in 30 minutes. Giving you a pace of 10 minute miles.

So in October of 2013 I jumped on the band wagon and began to run.  Around the holidays my sister talked me into doing a race with her, a 5K.  The race also offered a 8k and a 15k race.  I decided that I knew I could do the 5k, but I didn’t know if I could complete the 8k.  So I signed up for the 8k.

I started to share my training journey with you, on this blog, in a Running Journal series.  During my training and completing my first ever race I found that I am addicted to racing.  You can follow my races and running experience by signing up for email updates.  It is also a great place to find motivation for your running journey.


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