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A Birthday Party Hollywood Style

Awhile ago my nieces made a parody music video which was apparently really funny.  They had been wanting to make another video with some of their friends and decided their 11th birthday party would be the perfect opportunity.

My sister came up with a Hollywood Movie theme with a casting call audition and she employed me to come up with some invitations for her.

Hollywood Invitation I wanted to make a movie clapper as the envelope, my sister wanted a casting call flyer as the invitation.



I changed her mind.  I really wanted to make the invitation look like old 35 mm film.  I wanted to print the information on velum with a picture of the girls.



While the film was the length of the clapper, it wasn’t wide enough.  I didn’t want it to get lost in the envelope pocket so I added the film reel.


I used Photoshop to make the clapper image look like a chalkboard.  I then used my Silhouette Cameo to cut all the components out.



I used Silhouette’s print n’ cut feature for the front of the clapper, the back is black card stock.  I cut out the main part with the bottom strip as one piece, the triangle on the left and the top strip board were separate pieces.  I used brads to connect the three pieces and allow for movement of the top part.


These invitations are pretty big, and would have been more expensive to mail, but since they were just being handed out at school, we didn’t have to worry about that.


Luckily Party City had a ton of Hollywood Movie decorations that my sister was able to find.


I know, typically I would have made all these, but time just flew by and before we knew it, it was time for the party and I had no decorations made.


The family room was set up as a karaoke station.  I don’t know how many times we heard “Let it Go” that night.


Since it was a slumber party my sister limited the number of guest and we were able to set the table for pizza.


I have never had a party where we could do a table setting and it was fun!


My nieces insisted on the plastic wine & champagne glasses.


They also had a photo booth set up, and we used a black plastic table-cloth for the back drop.

Photo Booth Props

She had a basket full of photo props.

Guest Gifts

Each guest received a popcorn box full of other goodies, like scarves my mom made and little top hat head bands.

The girls decorated the cupcakes


Since my nieces love playing with fondant, my sister decided to let the kids decorate the cupcakes.  It keeps them occupied and saves on the work for her.

The girls had a great time and got the new video made.  Since I am just the aunt I got to leave after they consumed all the sugar and got all giggly.


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Mad Scientist Birthday

This year my nieces turned 9!  With my sister, brother and I having science degrees it is only natural that my nieces also love science.

My sister has a biology degree, my brother and his wife are both engineers and I have a degree in chemistry.

My sister asked the girls what kind of party they wanted to have, and of course like typical nine-year olds they had no idea.  My sister talked them into having a Mad-Scientist Party and they loved the idea!

We made the invitations to look like fliers for a chemistry symposium.  I used a picture that I had photoshoped of them working in a lab.

(image coming soon)

We made all the decorations using some elements that I created myself and some from the kit Weird Science by Traci Reed.  I also made each kid their own I.D. badge.  The bar code was made using a website (which I forgot to bookmark) and the girls birth date.  Some of the inspiration for the decorations I found on this blog and also this one via Pinterest.

Food and decorations

My sister got Rock Candy, Warheads & Pop Rock candies, as well as crackers for snacks because the party was in between food times.  She made a partial periodic table out of cupcakes.  The kids were also super busy with the experiments, and didn’t eat much.

Food and drink

What lab party would be complete without bottles of H2O!

Gift Bags with items for experiments

My sister also made Jello-petri dishes with sprinkle bacteria.  She put together gift bags for the kids that had items they would need for the experiments.  We put hazard labels on the bags which separated the kids into groups.   The birthday girls are pictured below on the right.

Mad Scientist at Work!

The kids all got lab coats and goggles to perform the experiments, which my sister put together and purchased.

Mad Scientist at Work!

Some of the experiments were finger print lab, making snow, making lava lamps, and tie-dyeing socks.  We enlisted help from friends to run each lab experiments.

The grand finally!

And we ended it with dropping Mentos into Diet Cola.