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Merry Planksmas

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So here it is Dec 1st and my coworker and I were about to participate in our bi-weekly squatting to the Sally song at work, when she realized her attire wasn’t squatting appropriate. So we decided to do some up-up-down-downs instead of squatting, during the down hold we held a plank.

During lunch we talked about doing planks more and someone mentioned hearing of “Planksgiving” where you do planks everyday leading up to Thanksgiving.  But we already passed Thanksgiving….so we decided to do some planks leading up to Christmas.

We started celebrating Planksmas that very day.


I made this graphic to mark off the days for planking. Also, you can really start it at anytime. We started on the 1st, leading us to finish on Christmas, but really the point is to work up to the 5 min plank.

So download it, print it and start planking today!

And follow my running Instagram account to see our progress! @BombshellRunner

Just. Keep. Running.

Want to find out what is on my race calendar?  Check out my list.

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