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Best laid plans….

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Have you ever noticed how reality doesn’t match our expectations?

I have a plan on how my mornings should go, but some how that never happens.


This was my plan this morning:

5 am ~ semi-wake up to feed Baby Sid, then go back to sleep

6 am ~ get up, get coffee and pump

6:30 am ~ shower & get ready

7 am ~ feed Baby Sid again

7:20 am ~ turn van on to warm it up for the kidos

7:22 am ~ get Baby Sid changed and in his car seat ready to go

7:30 am ~ get Ian up and ready to go

7:40 am ~ calmly and efficiently load up kids to take to the sitters


Here is what REALLY happened:

4:40 am ~ Baby Sid wakes up and wants to eat

5:50 am ~ Ian goes to bathroom door crying “Mama, I need to see you a minute” not knowing my husband was the one in the shower.

5:52 am ~ Ian crawls into our bed, after I tell him where I was.

6 am ~ put Ian in his bed with a movie and something to drink

6:06 am ~ change Baby Sid and put him in the swing and hope he goes back to sleep

6:10 am ~ pump while drinking coffee (finally!)

6:15 am ~ Ian comes out of his bedroom wanting to ‘watch Tall Star Wars in da living room’

6:34 am ~ turn on Return of the Jedi

6:45 am ~ shower time

7 am ~ find Ian asleep on the couch, time for me to get ready

Sleeping Ian

7:20 am ~ wake up Baby Sid and try to feed him

7:26 am ~ Baby Sid won’t eat take him to clean out his nose

7:31 am ~ try to feed Baby Sid again, still won’t eat

7:37 am ~ go out to start van

7:39 am ~ change Baby Sid, take some pictures because he is so cute and then put him in his car seat

Baby Sid

7:42 am ~ run around the house in circles trying to locate everything we need and get my shoes on

7:55 am ~ put a sweatshirt on Ian and take the still sleeping boy out to car and buckle him in.

7:58 am ~ take Baby Sid out to car

7:50 am ~ make at least four trips back into the house to get things I had forgotten

8:02 am ~ leave for sitters house


Maybe Thursday will be easier….

Happy Reality Check!



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