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Running Log ~ Oct. 9th

Speed Training

I hate the stroller.

Yep, that stroller I talked about before, the one that I was so excited to get.  Yeah, that one.  I hate it.

It is so heavy and hard to steer because it is misaligned.  It adds a minute or two to my pace and I can’t run as long with it.

Last Wednesday while Ian was in school I decided to take Sid for a run.  Not only was I slow by after two miles I had to stop.  I just didn’t want to push it anymore.  I was running in our neighborhood, so I went back to the house.  Parked him in the grass and did sprints up and down the street in front of our house.

I love that I have the freedom to still go for a run when I just have one kid, and I probably still will….but you bet your sweet ass I’m gonna bitch about it the whole time!

Running #Motivation #trailrunning #trailrunner

So to recap my speed training last week; ran two miles with the stroller at a 11:52 min/mile pace.  I ran 3.14 miles at a 10:54 pace, and 3.20 miles at a 10:42 pace.  Those were on the treadmill and the distance includes my cool down time.

When I did the 3.14 miles I walked about 1/4 of a mile twice during the run.   But the last one, the 3.20 miles, I didn’t walk even a 1/4 of a mile once.  To me this shows that I am improving my lung function, which is making me stronger and faster.

And then there was last night.  Last night I ran the first mile at 10:42 then increased the speed for the second mile to 10:31.  For the 3rd mile I increased it again to a 10:21.  But at the almost 3/4 mark I increased it again and again at when I had 1/10th of a mile to go.  I was at just over 32 minutes when I hit 3 miles so I kept running till I got to 33 minutes, then started my cool down, for a full five minutes.  My total run was 3.30 miles, I had a technical issue during the first mile that set my time back by a minute, but other than that I didn’t walk at all.


I updated my iOS for my iPhone, recently and there is a new app that Apple installs with this update.  At first I was like “ugh! another Apple forced app that I don’t use but takes up space on my home screen!”

But then I opened it and found something I could use!  (no, this is not an endorsement, just my opinion)  It’s called Health, or referred to as Healthkit.

Some of you may already have known this, but I didn’t, the iPhone has a motion sensor (at least the 5 and higher does).  This means it has a pedometer capabilities.  Again, this may be old news to you, but not to me.  I have been wanting to record my steps as well as my miles running.  A GPS app, like Map My Run, won’t work inside my building where I work, especially in the stairwells.  Now I can!  This is exciting news to me, so I thought I’d share it.  I can also record the flights of stairs I take each day, and it connects to Map My Run so I don’t have to record my runs twice.  (It also works with Nike Fuel)

You can also record a bunch of other stuff, but the exciting thing for me is the pedometer function.  Plus it has been recording all month, I saw on Sunday I took over 9,000 steps!

24 Motivational Weight Loss and Fitness Quotes



Just. Keep. Running.

C25K interval information can be found here

A good article about getting faster can be found here

Want to find out what races I’ll be doing next year?  Check out my list.

Dawn Marie


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Running Log ~ Sept. 30th

Speed Training

After my half marathon I realized I need to work on my speed.

I haven’t really gotten below a 11:30 min/mile since I got sick in June and mostly I maintain a 12 min/mile.  I am OK with what I have been running, but I need to pick it up.  Now, I’m not looking to run a 6 min/mile (yet…) but training to run faster will help me in the long runs. (yep. pun intended. you’re welcome)

The major reason I want to increase my speed is to increase my VO2 max.  When I can increase the amount of oxygen uptake to my muscles, I can run longer.

Better than I was

Do I have a speed training plan?

Nope not yet.  I am looking into it, doing some research.  My cousin goes to a weekly running training group with a coach, but I don’t got time for that!  I will figure out a plan that works for me. Don’t worry, I’m sure I will tell you all about it.

Right now I am going to start small.  I have a goal for my 5k in November.  I am actually running two races in November, a  5k and a 12k.  I want to run the 5k in 30 minutes, that is a 10 min/mile.  I have six weeks to get there.

Yesterday I decided I had to get back to the treadmill.  I don’t have an awesome pace watch like a Garmin, and I can’t accurately judge my pace when road running.  Plus I find that I will push myself (pace wise) on a treadmill, because I have set the pace, and the belt is moving.

Last night I set my pace to just under 11 min/miles (5.5 mph treadmill setting) and ran for a mile.  I then walked, at semi-fast pace, for half a mile.  I picked up the pace and ran again for one mile only slightly faster, 10:46 min/mile (5.6 mph), then walked again for the last half mile.

With my warm up (which was a slow walk because I was looking for a show to watch) and my cool down, I ran a total of 3.14 miles in 42.28 minutes.  The cool down and warm up portions added up to about 6 of those minutes.  Next time I will keep better track of the actual times, so I know how long it really took me.

Clear food and living: Movement motivation

This plan is all fine and good if I am only going to run 3 miles, but next year I want to run 26.2!  Which is why I am going to figure out a long-term speed plan, and incorporate it into my marathon training.

I will get faster. I will run longer. I will run.



Just. Keep. Running.

C25K interval information can be found here

Mommy Marathon Training Program information can be found here

Want to find out what races I’ll be doing next year?  Check out my list.

Dawn Marie


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Running Log ~ Sept. 20th

I normally don’t write posts on the weekend, but this just had to be shared.

Here in Oregon we are into our Indian Summer.  Meaning it is more than half way through September and we will have a high of 93° today.  I couldn’t run early morning cause my husband had to work, I didn’t want to run tonight because I am getting up and running 8 miles in the early morning.

My four-year old had a soccer game at 10:45 this morning, so I decided to run to the game.  I’d put the two-year old in the stroller and run the short 3 mile distance to the game.  It’s actually less than 3 miles, but I added a loop to make it three miles.  I figured if my kid could run around and play soccer, I could run to the game, right?

No big deal.

It’s 10 o’clock and I tell my husband I’d be leaving in a few minutes.

Husband: the game’s not till 10:45. You sure you want to leave this early.  It’s only like 20 blocks.

Me: it’s actually just over 3 miles.

Husband: yeah, and at a 10 minute mile…

Me: I don’t run that

Husband: you should be under that

Me: uh…nope.  I run a 11-12 minute mile, but I’ll have the stroller so it will be more like a 13 minute mile.

Husband: wow. you’re slow!

So it’s a good thing that after almost two decades I can spot his sarcastic wit, or my dear husband would have become my dearly departed husband!

25 Motivational Picture Quotes For Running | QuotesNSmiles - Quotes Full Of Love & Inspiration

I pack up and leave for the game.  It’s hot, ok, it’s only like 80° but it is hot when the sun is beating down on you and you are running. The stroller is heavy and pulling to the left. Like bad.  I had to stop about a quarter-mile into the run and adjust the front wheel.  Then about 20 feet later I had to stop and take the front wheel off and put it on the other way.

That helped, somewhat, but it was still heavy!  I swear my kid has gained 10 pounds in the last week.

I realized my ideal temperature to run in is between 60-70° preferably with out rain, or blaring sunshine and without pushing a stroller.

After about 40 minute, my husband calls me, but I don’t answer.  I’m sure he was just wondering what field they were on, not where the hell I was.

We get there a few minutes late, watch the game, I talk to people and when I get back to the car I realize I am missing one lens of my sunglasses.

Yep. I just spent the whole time with one lens and I had no idea.  I don’t even know when I lost it, but my husband said I didn’t have it at the game.  Was I on my run like that? Did I say ‘hi, good morning’ to all those people like that?


I call my crazy my kids





Just. Keep. Running.

C25K interval information can be found here

Dawn Marie


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Running Log ~ July 29th

I have been looking for a used inexpensive jogging stroller for a while now.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it as I don’t know how long I would really use it.  The boys are older and they won’t be a stroller forever.  I understand that there are wonderful strollers out there that are worth the hundreds of dollars spent on them.  But I am cheap, and just didn’t want to spend $100+ on a used stroller.  Hell, I didn’t want to spend more than fifty bucks.

And when I say I was looking, I mean I was waiting for a cheap stroller to find me.

It finally did.

I was driving home from work one day and I saw it on the sidewalk with a for sale sign.  I called and talked the guy down in price.

Friday night Ian spent the night at my mom’s so Saturday morning I thought was the perfect time to break the stroller in.

my 'new' stroller


I got some snacks for Sid, his blanket, his toy and water for me and we hit the road.

Sid's 'new' ride

It was my slowest pace since I started running again.

I didn’t think there would be a difference in running and running while pushing a stroller.  But there is.  It is harder.

One thing that helps with your pace is the movement of your arms.  When you push a stroller you either don’t move your arms or you only move one arm.  Plus it’s heavy and Sid is no light weight, so I have that extra weight.

But we made it, we did four miles that morning.  Plus I had a place for all my water.  I drink a lot of water while running and while I have a hand bottle, it isn’t enough.

The next morning I had a running date with my cousin.  She and I have not done any long runs in well over a month and we have a half marathon coming up.  Every week from now until then we will be doing at least one long run, and Sunday we started with 7 miles.

I hadn’t planned on bringing Sid, but he woke up just as I was getting ready to leave.  Not to worry, I can just bring him.

Which in all honesty, I was happy about, because I was concerned about my water intake on a 7 mile run.  I had finished about 40 ounces the day before on a 4 mile run, so how would I make it through 7 with only 16….But since I had my stroller it wasn’t an issue.  Plus we could bring our snacks and my cousin didn’t need to wear her running belt.

Again it was hard, but we did it.  We were slower than snails in peanut butter, but we did all 7 miles.  After, we were all “I could have done another mile or two.”

And that slow pace allowed us to talk.  Because for long distances you should run at a pace where you can maintain a conversation.  Right?  So it was good for us.



I don’t plan on taking a kid with me on all my runs, but having a jogging stroller gives me a little more flexibility.  It will allow me to go running during the times that I have only one kid, instead of always having to wait till they go to bed.  Plus the more I train with a stroller, the easier it will be when I don’t have one.



Sid didn't couldn't hang for 7mi

Sid doesn’t seem to mind riding in the stroller, even if it did put him to sleep.


Just. Keep. Running.

C25K interval information can be found here

Dawn Marie


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