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Running Log ~ Sept. 20th

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I normally don’t write posts on the weekend, but this just had to be shared.

Here in Oregon we are into our Indian Summer.  Meaning it is more than half way through September and we will have a high of 93° today.  I couldn’t run early morning cause my husband had to work, I didn’t want to run tonight because I am getting up and running 8 miles in the early morning.

My four-year old had a soccer game at 10:45 this morning, so I decided to run to the game.  I’d put the two-year old in the stroller and run the short 3 mile distance to the game.  It’s actually less than 3 miles, but I added a loop to make it three miles.  I figured if my kid could run around and play soccer, I could run to the game, right?

No big deal.

It’s 10 o’clock and I tell my husband I’d be leaving in a few minutes.

Husband: the game’s not till 10:45. You sure you want to leave this early.  It’s only like 20 blocks.

Me: it’s actually just over 3 miles.

Husband: yeah, and at a 10 minute mile…

Me: I don’t run that

Husband: you should be under that

Me: uh…nope.  I run a 11-12 minute mile, but I’ll have the stroller so it will be more like a 13 minute mile.

Husband: wow. you’re slow!

So it’s a good thing that after almost two decades I can spot his sarcastic wit, or my dear husband would have become my dearly departed husband!

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I pack up and leave for the game.  It’s hot, ok, it’s only like 80° but it is hot when the sun is beating down on you and you are running. The stroller is heavy and pulling to the left. Like bad.  I had to stop about a quarter-mile into the run and adjust the front wheel.  Then about 20 feet later I had to stop and take the front wheel off and put it on the other way.

That helped, somewhat, but it was still heavy!  I swear my kid has gained 10 pounds in the last week.

I realized my ideal temperature to run in is between 60-70° preferably with out rain, or blaring sunshine and without pushing a stroller.

After about 40 minute, my husband calls me, but I don’t answer.  I’m sure he was just wondering what field they were on, not where the hell I was.

We get there a few minutes late, watch the game, I talk to people and when I get back to the car I realize I am missing one lens of my sunglasses.

Yep. I just spent the whole time with one lens and I had no idea.  I don’t even know when I lost it, but my husband said I didn’t have it at the game.  Was I on my run like that? Did I say ‘hi, good morning’ to all those people like that?


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