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Running Log ~ Sept. 30th

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Speed Training

After my half marathon I realized I need to work on my speed.

I haven’t really gotten below a 11:30 min/mile since I got sick in June and mostly I maintain a 12 min/mile.  I am OK with what I have been running, but I need to pick it up.  Now, I’m not looking to run a 6 min/mile (yet…) but training to run faster will help me in the long runs. (yep. pun intended. you’re welcome)

The major reason I want to increase my speed is to increase my VO2 max.  When I can increase the amount of oxygen uptake to my muscles, I can run longer.

Better than I was

Do I have a speed training plan?

Nope not yet.  I am looking into it, doing some research.  My cousin goes to a weekly running training group with a coach, but I don’t got time for that!  I will figure out a plan that works for me. Don’t worry, I’m sure I will tell you all about it.

Right now I am going to start small.  I have a goal for my 5k in November.  I am actually running two races in November, a  5k and a 12k.  I want to run the 5k in 30 minutes, that is a 10 min/mile.  I have six weeks to get there.

Yesterday I decided I had to get back to the treadmill.  I don’t have an awesome pace watch like a Garmin, and I can’t accurately judge my pace when road running.  Plus I find that I will push myself (pace wise) on a treadmill, because I have set the pace, and the belt is moving.

Last night I set my pace to just under 11 min/miles (5.5 mph treadmill setting) and ran for a mile.  I then walked, at semi-fast pace, for half a mile.  I picked up the pace and ran again for one mile only slightly faster, 10:46 min/mile (5.6 mph), then walked again for the last half mile.

With my warm up (which was a slow walk because I was looking for a show to watch) and my cool down, I ran a total of 3.14 miles in 42.28 minutes.  The cool down and warm up portions added up to about 6 of those minutes.  Next time I will keep better track of the actual times, so I know how long it really took me.

Clear food and living: Movement motivation

This plan is all fine and good if I am only going to run 3 miles, but next year I want to run 26.2!  Which is why I am going to figure out a long-term speed plan, and incorporate it into my marathon training.

I will get faster. I will run longer. I will run.



Just. Keep. Running.

C25K interval information can be found here

Mommy Marathon Training Program information can be found here

Want to find out what races I’ll be doing next year?  Check out my list.

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