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Necessities for Baby- What To Save On and What To Splurge On {Guest Post}

There was another baby added to our family (not by me!) recently.

The birth of babies always has me thinking back to when I had my boys.  Which makes me think about the things that we need and don’t really need for these tiny little humans.

Katie Moore from Moore From Katie would like to share with you what she feels is a necessity for new babies.

Necessities for Baby: What To Save On and What To Splurge On

When I was pregnant with my daughter, it was quite overwhelming to see all of the different baby items that were available for purchase online and at baby stores in my area. I had no idea whether or not some of these items were actually necessary or if they were just over-hyped and far too expensive for what they were worth! With a little experimenting and the help of other expectant parents, I was able to narrow down the list of items that I would actually need for my little one. If you are just as overwhelmed while doing your baby shopping, these tips will assist you in picking some things that you should definitely splurge on while opting to save on others.

    • Splurge On A Crib 

Splurging on a crib is a must when expecting a newborn. A quality and safe crib is an important investment for any nursery. A crib should never be purchased used as it may no longer be safe or may have been recalled in previous years. Opt for a crib made from high quality wood that will offer sturdy construction and a long-lasting design that can be used from infancy throughout toddler-hood when choosing a crib that converts into a toddler bed.

~Babies R Us

    • Splurge On Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood banking has become an increasingly popular choice over the last several years.  Cord blood comes directly from the umbilical cord after birth, so the decision to splurge on this option should be made before the birth of your child.  Your child’s cord blood can provide your family with a source of related stem cells, which could possibly be used in a medical treatment – should the need ever arise.  Make this a splurge but be sure to do your homework; talk with your doctor and find out more about cord blood banking and potential benefits.

Forget about picking out a stylish diaper bag that could run you into the hundreds. Instead, opt for a more practical, comfortable bag as this will most likely take the place of your purse and be something that you will be carrying around with you for years to come. The most important thing about a diaper bag is that you have enough space for diapers, wipes, bottles and other necessities!

    • Save On A Wipe Warmer

Wipe warmers are simply something that you do not really need to have for your child. While having a warm wipe may feel nicer during diaper changes, there is no need to warm a wipe before using it.  If you do want to warm the wipe, simply rub it between your palms before changing your little one.  If this is something that you must have, consider buying one used or a cheap model rather than splurging on an expensive wipe warmer that you may rarely, if ever use.

~ Babies R Us

Take it from me- a little bit of research can go a long way when trying to prepare for a baby on a budget.  Talk to others parents and find what worked and what didn’t work for them.  This exciting time will be much smoother with extra change in your pocket!

Moore from KaiteKatie Moore has written and submitted this article, all the opinions expressed are her own and may not be that of the owner of this blog. Katie is an active blogger who discusses the topics of, motherhood, children, fitness, health and all other things Mommy. She enjoys writing, blogging, and meeting new people! To connect with Katie contact her via her blog, Moore From Katie or her twitter, @moorekm26

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I found courtesy is not yet lost

Raising a toddler reminds me everyday that courtesies and manners needs to be taught.

I wanted my son to be polite so when he was learning to talk I also tried to teach him some manners.  When I would give him something I would tell him ‘thank you’ so that when he received something he would say it.

Of course that meant he would say ‘thank you’ when he wanted something.

He is very polite and uses ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ all the time now.  OK, sometimes he has to be reminded.

When I was all prego and riding the bus to work, one day an elderly woman got up to offer me a seat.  Yep, an elder woman, even though there was all these young men around but they were too absorbed in what they were doing with their electronics to notice me waddling on to the bus.  I of course, didn’t take her seat.

I have also had a door close on me because the person walking into the door in front of me didn’t notice I was right behind them.  That one really irks me.

I bring this up because sometimes I wonder if parents are teaching manners anymore or if we are becoming so self-absorbed that we are just loosing them.

Tonight, however, I had a wonderful experience of courtesy by not one but two strangers.  So I had to share it.

I picked up the boys from my sisters after work.

Me: Ian do you need to go pee before we leave

Ian: nope

4 miles from my sister’s house, but too far from home yet.

Ian: I need to go pee-pee

ok, there was an Arco station on my side of the street and a Chevron station on the opposite  side.  I decided to go to the Chevron because I thought it would be cleaner, even if I had to wait to cross traffic.  Remember, I have a toddler who has only been potty trained for about four months now, so time is of the essence.

We pulled into the gas station, which was busy, and parked.  I had to get Ian and Baby Sid out of the car.  When I walked up to the store an employee ran up to hold the door open for me since I was carrying the baby’s car seat and holding Ian’s hand.

Oh and this restroom was a unisex one so it had a toilet and a floor urinal.  So of course he wanted to pee in the urinal!  Exciting stuff for a three-year old boy.

When we left the store another employee was washing my windows.  He told me “I thought Batman needed to see out clean windows to fight crime.” Now I wasn’t getting gas, so this is not something that they do to parked cars.

All the employees were really nice and pleasant  so it made the quick stop a nice one for me.  It is reassuring to know that there are still courteous  people out there.


And just for fun here the conversation between Ian and I when leaving the store.

Ian: I want some candy.  How bout dis one? hmmm…maybe dis one?  oh, dis one looks good.

Me: nope, no candy.  I didn’t bring my purse in so I don’t have any money to buy candy.  Maybe, next time.

Ian: oh, ok.

Ian (in the car): I got some money.  I got money, for me got candy next time.

Me: alright, next time we go to the store I will let you buy some candy

Ian (while at a stop light in front of a Walgreens): dat da store wit candy?  I buy candy der?

Me: nope, that store only sells medicine.

Ian: oh, medicine for Baby Sid?

Me: well medicine for anyone

Ian: oh, I need some medicine.  I need medicine to go down, down in my belly.

Me: why?

Ian: I have a cold. I don’t feel good (he is not sick, by the way)

Oh, this kid just kills me!  I am not sure how we went from him wanting candy to him wanting medicine.


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Black Friday Rule

Happy Black Friday!

Did you go shopping?  Brave the lines? Get great deals?

Some stores were open on Thanksgiving and my sister wanted me to go do some shopping with her.  I was tempted, but didn’t end up going, nor did I brave the crowds early Friday morning.

In the past I had found great deals on Black Friday, but I don’t seem to see them so much anymore.  They have some great deals on big electronics, but that is not what I am shopping for.

My oldest son wants action figures and Lego’s, my youngest doesn’t even know what toys are yet.  Those things just don’t get the deals, so no I didn’t get up early and spend all my money.

My sister actually went out on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and got some really great deals.  So, is all that chaos really worth it?  I used to think so, but not anymore.  Of course, this also means I still have lots of shopping to do before the big day.

Baby Sid in his Thanksgiving gear

Baby Sid had a great first Thanksgiving, too bad he didn’t get to enjoy the food this year 🙂