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Black Friday Rule

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Happy Black Friday!

Did you go shopping?  Brave the lines? Get great deals?

Some stores were open on Thanksgiving and my sister wanted me to go do some shopping with her.  I was tempted, but didn’t end up going, nor did I brave the crowds early Friday morning.

In the past I had found great deals on Black Friday, but I don’t seem to see them so much anymore.  They have some great deals on big electronics, but that is not what I am shopping for.

My oldest son wants action figures and Lego’s, my youngest doesn’t even know what toys are yet.  Those things just don’t get the deals, so no I didn’t get up early and spend all my money.

My sister actually went out on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and got some really great deals.  So, is all that chaos really worth it?  I used to think so, but not anymore.  Of course, this also means I still have lots of shopping to do before the big day.

Baby Sid in his Thanksgiving gear

Baby Sid had a great first Thanksgiving, too bad he didn’t get to enjoy the food this year 🙂

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