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Thank You Gift ~ Mini Canvas Picture

This summer I ran a half-marathon located in another city.  The location wasn’t that far, maybe an hour or an hour and a half from home.  But when you need to be there at six in the morning that is very far!

So my cousin and I decided to stay the night before the race.  The race was in the wine country and there are not a lot of hotels around there.  But there are a lot of bed and breakfast places.  The other thing the surrounding city had was rooms for rent located in people’s houses.  You could rent the room, like a bed and breakfast, but there wouldn’t be other guests.

As it turned out my cousin had a friend who grew up down there and that friend’s parents still live there.  And they had a room that they rent out to guests and they were gracious enough to let us stay the night there.  Because of their generosity, I want to make them a thank you card and a little gift.

MSS_Thank You Gift

I first used some crayons from my son’s art kit and made a little rainbowish pattern on a mini canvas.  The min canvases and easels can be found at Michel’s Craft Store and are about 3″x3″.

MSS_Thank You Gift

Using my Silhouette Cameo I cut out the dandelion, floating seeds and words out of different colored vinyl.  Because of the waxy nature of the crayons and the texture of the vinyl I went ahead and sealed it all with some Mod Podge, then added the adhesive rhinestones.

I thought the words ‘relax’ and ‘breathe’ fit well with the room they let us use.  It was a very calming house and atmosphere, which was just the thing we needed prior to our race.

MSS_Thank You Card


I also designed and cut out this thank you card using my Silhouette Cameo.


My dutiful sister has informed me that the canvas says ‘breath’ when I intended it to say ‘breathe’

*sigh* such is my life. it is always after I post it that she finds the errors…



Dawn Marie

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Handmade Cupcake Birthday Card

I have always enjoyed making my own cards.

I would like to think my card making skills are improving as the years go by.

Here is the wonderful thing about blogging….I get to share my cards with everyone!  And you don’t get  a say in it 😉


Here is my latest creation.  A birthday card I made for my mom’s best friend.




I love the way this clear sticker paper looks like glass.  I keep trying to find more things to make with it.


Happy Crafting

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