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Most wonderful craft bundle

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I know it’s hard to talk about Christmas before Thanksgiving but us crafters need to be prepared.  In order to be ready with our DIY Christmas Gifts and new decor we need to start early.  In all honesty we probably start thinking about Christmas in the summer.

If you are still in the process of making gifts, or items to sell at craft fairs or online you will love this design bundle!  It is full of Christmas fonts, monogram frames, holiday cut files and so much more!  As with all the design bundles from DesignBundles.net your purchase comes with personal and commercial licenses.  So you are able to use all the wonderful elements in all your projects.

The Christmas Craft Bundle Vol. IIhttps://designbundles.net/the-christmas-craft-bundle-ii

One of the fonts I am super excited about is the Gingerbread font

Gingerbread Font

Handlettered fonts are so lovely and they are great for gift tags and cards. I love this one with all the swooshes.

If you are making loads of Christmas ornaments you will find loads of cut files to use on them.


They have also been kind enough to add a floating ornament template.  Easy to cut out using your Silhouette (or Cricut).


Hand lettering quotes to use as stencils on chalkboard, or even just printed will make quick DIY decorations.  Any number of these would also be great on shirts for the family.


And we all love a good monogram for the holidays! These would work well on those glass ornaments too.


There is so much more to be found in this bundle. You really need to go see it for yourself. Follow this link https://designbundles.net/the-christmas-craft-bundle-ii

The most amazing thing about this it the price! Product from over 40 designers are in this bundle.  There are so many items I can’t even list them all.  Individual items range in price from $3-$18, so in total this bundle is worth over $300!  But Desingbundles.net is offering it to you for the discounted price of $24!

A 93% discount.  But this discount won’t last forever. Get it before the time runs out, and so you still have time to get your gifts made.

Happy crafting!

Dawn Jennings


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Easter Bunny Juice Boxes for a Preschool Easter Party

Ian has his Easter party at school today.
So what do I volunteer to bring?
Juice boxes of course because I can make them look like super cute little bunnies.
I found these Hansen’s Junior Juice
boxes and thought the would be perfect because there are just 4.23 oz, a perfect size for little 4 & 5 year olds.

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out all the parts for the bunny.

I was grateful that I had two mats!  I could load another one to cut, while I was taking all these little parts off.
I then just glued them all together and wrapped around the boxes.

I made 20 boxes and was able to use one 12×12″ sheet of pink card stock, scrap pieces of black and 7 sheets of 8.5×11″ white card stock. I also had the googly eyes, so I only had to buy the juice boxes, which I got 20 for less than $7.


I also broke out my Cameo to make a letter matching egg game. I got the eggs 18/$1 and I already had the vinyl. I cut out an upper case and a lower case letter, and put them on different colored eggs.

I put the upper case on the top half and lower case on the bottom half. The kids then would match the two letter s together.


We also had the kids make rabbit masks to hold up for a group picture.


You need a paper plate, card stock for the ears (white and pink), pipe cleaners for the whiskers and craft sticks for a handle.

We cut out the center of the plate, made a template for the ears and let the kids cut the ears and glue them together.


They turned really cute and we were able to get a great group picture.

Happy Easter



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Ian’s First Valentine Exchange

This is Ian’s first year at pre-school.  I am having such a wonderful time.  Oh, he is enjoying it as well.

My favorite thing about him being in school is the stuff he gets to make.  I LOVE it!  But I also love the stuff I get to make for class room parties and stuff.

As you may know today is Valentine’s Day.

I don’t like Valentine’s Day.  Seriously, it is my least favorite holiday.

You don’t get time off from work/school.  You don’t get ‘real’ presents.  If you are a girl you may get flowers or candy, and every once in a while some jewelry.  But those are anniversary gifts.  Plus if you want to go out to dinner or away somewhere, good luck!  Everything is always booked or you have some ridiculous wait time.

But you know why I really don’t like Valentine’s day?

The hearts.

Yep, that’s right.  I can’t stand hearts.

Except these kind.

Seriously, these are great.

I was trying to figure out some kind of valentine for Ian to give to his school friends that did not include “Be Mine” or “Love” or some other gross mushy heart filled sentiment.

Come on people! they are 4-year olds!  They can’t even read the cards!

Ok, so I found I found these:

Smarties Valentine Valentines

They are cute and use Smarties, which we all love.

So I tried to make something like that with my Silhouette Cameo.  Tip Junkie does offer a free printable for these cards, but I wanted to make my own.

This is as far as I got:

MSS_SmartiePants Valentine
I didn’t really like how they looked. The pants never looked right (that’s why they are not pictured) they were too big, the smarties didn’t sit in the right. I just wasn’t happy with the outcome. Plus there are hearts on it! yuck!

So I decided to try something else.  I wanted to give little gift bags, that way I could more than just one piece of candy in it.  I could add little sticker or an eraser or something like that.

Since I got my Silhouette Cameo I joined a Facebook group and someone posted this super cute card with glasses and a pun-ny little saying “In my Eyes…something or other.”  Using that as inspiration I made these:

MSS_EyeThinkYou'reSpectacular Valentine

I made my own cut files using a bag template and png file (for the glasses) that I already had.  I cut the word “Eye” out of black glitter card-stock, and the bag is just regular 65lb card-stock.

Of course my Cameo did all the cutting & writing for me, I just had to glue and fill.  I know, I know, there is a heart on the glasses.  What’s a girl to do?  It is Valentine’s day after all.


I had thought about letting Ian write his own name.  But he just wasn’t game.

Happy Crafting


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I linked this project up to

Silhouette Challenges


MistleToes Plates

Happy New Year everyone!!!

This Pinterest Tuesday is a craft project we made for some Christmas gifts.
I pinned this on to my Hand & Foot Print Art board many months ago with Grandparent gifts in mind.

MistletoesSource: igameals.com via Dawn Marie on Pinterest

The pin provides a link to the original source but I couldn’t find it on that website until I Googled it.  You can read her post here, she says she paid to have it painted.

My plates don’t have that nice distinct edge, so I didn’t attempt to paint a border.

I went to The Craft Warehouse (our new one) and they had a ceramic paint section where I found paint that said it was dishwasher safe if baked.  Now the paint isn’t FDA approved, but it is not supposed to chip off when cured.  I bought my plates at my local Fred Meyer store.


After washing the plates with alcohol, as the paint directions state, the fun part begins…


The plates are slippery so the wet feet had a tendency to slip.  So I would just wipe off the plate with a wet paper towel and try again, as long as the paint hadn’t dried.


For Baby Sid’s feet I had to pull out the Bumbo



We also made a couple of mugs with little hand prints, they did not turn out as well as I had hoped.  With the slickness of the dishes the hands got really blurry, but Ian loved making them.  (I did Baby Sid’s while he was sleeping)Mistletoes06

The curing process takes place in the oven.  You can let the pain air dry, but to make it dishwasher safe you must cure it.  Please read the directions on the paint first, and follow what it says.

Place dishes in a cold oven and then turn it on to the temperature the paint states.  Cook for about 30 min then shut the oven off, open the door and let dishes cool.Mistletoes07

We made a total of six plates and two mugs


Ian decided he needed to help so I got to keep the sixth plate….


I learned that the heel of the foot should not be at the top of the plate in order to have them hanging.   I also would have like a plate with a distinct border like the one in the pin, and maybe use a serving platter instead of a dinner plate.

I tried to write ‘mistletoes’ with a stencil because my handwriting is so bad, but that turned out worse and was way more work.

I would also like to try paint pens next time for the details.

I can’t wait to make more hand and foot print art, I just love them!

Happy Pinning


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