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Homemade Baby Food ~ Berry Yogurt Smoothie Pouch

My toddler loves those baby food pouches that are all the rage now.

The food pouches started coming out when he was about a year and a half.  I thought they were fantastic!

They were easy for him to eat himself and they wouldn’t break in my bag.

Since then they have come out with a slew of food combinations.  Ones that are just fruits or veggies and fruit/veggie combinations.  They also have ones with yogurt and ones with grains.

But have you ever bought any of them?  They are about $1.50 each.  I usually try to get them only on sale, but they are still over a dollar each.

I had thought about ways to make my own reusable bags.  But alas, before I could make a design someone else did.  Well, now really multiple companies have ones.

As I talk about in this post, I purchased a system to fill up pouches with my own cooking.

This time I decided to make a yogurt smoothie.

I had a bunch of berries and a big carton of yogurt.



Homemade Berry Yogurt Smoothie Pouch

I cooked about 2 pints of berries with some sugar to draw out and concentrate the flavor.


Then I blended whole milk yogurt, the drained berries, dry milk powder, & baby oatmeal cereal.  I use the baby oatmeal cereal because it is designed to be used with a liquid, without additional cooking.  Plus it is a fine powder, so it will add nutrients and thicken the smoothie without any grit.


The berries can water down the yogurt so I would also recommend adding some dried milk powder.


I made about seven 4oz pouches, filled a couple of jars then froze the rest.


Of course Ian was excited, because he still loves to eat food out of the pouches.


He said “mmm…dat was delicious”

If the pouches won’t be consumed before the yogurt’s expiration date, then it should be frozen.

You can freeze the yogurt as drops for snacks, in ice-cube trays or in baby food jars.



Homemade Berry Yogurt Smoothie Pouch

2 pints of berries

1 tbsp sugar

3 cups whole milk yogurt

1/2 cup baby oatmeal cereal (or other milled grain)

1/4-1/2 cup powdered milk (for thinking)

Heat berries over low heat with sugar for approximately 10 minutes or toss with sugar and let stand at room temperature for about an hour.

Drain the berries, reserving the juice.

Blend berries, yogurt and cereal or powdered grains.  If too thick add juice from berries, if too thin add powdered milk, until desired consistency is reached.

Here are some reusable food pouch resources (I have only used the Infantino product, so I know nothing about the others)

The Squeeze Station (this is what I have)

Keeper Squeeze Pouch

The Sili Squeeze 

Go Fresh Baby

U-Fill Snack Pack

Little Green Pouch

Yummi Pouch


Happy Squeezing


I was not asked to write this post, nor was I compensated in any way for it and the opinions expressed are all my own.  I bought the products I have, and enjoy using them.

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Daily Thanks Day 17

Today I am thankful for a big imagination.


I know I have  posted a lot of thanks for my son, but he amazes me almost daily.

Yesterday while making him pancakes he got in to a kitchen drawer to play.  He said my mixer attachment was a tree and the bird cookie cutter was stuck.  In his little voice he took the candy cane cookie cutter and said “don’t worry, I save you.  I to da rescue!  Mama, it a giant candy cane.  I hook birdy, I get baby birdy down, I save him.”

His face just beaming with pride.

I just love his imagination.


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Daily Thanks Day 14


Today I am thankful for sprinkles on pancakes.


For Ian’s birthday this year I made him these Cake Batter Pancakes.  About four or five months later I made him pancakes and he looks up at me raises is palms up and asks “where da sprinkles mama?”

Where are the sprinkles?  So now we don’t always have sprinkles on our pancakes, but we do when he asks for them.

Recently we were with my mom at the craft store and he saw these Christmas sprinkles and asked for them, and of course Bamma gave in and purchased them.  The next morning’s pancakes, and yesterdays, started getting in the Christmas spirit by donning themselves in sugary goodness.

Good thing we brush our teeth after breakfast, nothing like a coating of syrup and sprinkles to eat away at enamel.

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Daily Thanks Day 4

Today I am thankful for toaster waffles.

Toddlers, infants and dogs do not understand the concept of adding an hour to our day and sleep.  So everyone started to wake up at 6:30 on a Sunday!  I have not gone to the store yet, and didn’t have the ingredients for pancakes.  Luckily in our freezer were some toaster waffles for our toddler to have for breakfast while I wake up with a cup of coffee.