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Daily Thanks Day 14

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Today I am thankful for sprinkles on pancakes.


For Ian’s birthday this year I made him these Cake Batter Pancakes.  About four or five months later I made him pancakes and he looks up at me raises is palms up and asks “where da sprinkles mama?”

Where are the sprinkles?  So now we don’t always have sprinkles on our pancakes, but we do when he asks for them.

Recently we were with my mom at the craft store and he saw these Christmas sprinkles and asked for them, and of course Bamma gave in and purchased them.  The next morning’s pancakes, and yesterdays, started getting in the Christmas spirit by donning themselves in sugary goodness.

Good thing we brush our teeth after breakfast, nothing like a coating of syrup and sprinkles to eat away at enamel.

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