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Mason Jar Christmas Scenes

My sister has one of those Christmas villages, with all the houses and the snow and stuff.  This year my nieces wanted to make her a little village in a giant Mason Jar.  Luckily my mom has hundreds of Mason Jars in various sizes.  Remember how we made all those Cookie-in-a-Jar guest gifts for my cousins baby shower?  Yep, she still has tons.

She took the kids to the craft store, got all the little things to go in the jars and turned the kids loose.


Ian made one for me and my mom put together a stand for it.  I am pretty sure this was a gallon mayonnaise jar, it’s huge.


My mom made some cream-colored playdoh so the items would stay upright in the jar.  She also bought some of that Kinetic Sand in cream.


Ian placed all the items himself.  I absolutely love it.


His gift gave me an idea for a Christmas gift for Ian’s teacher.  Luckily my mom had all sorts of stuff left over so Ian could make another jar.


Before we started decorating I used the hot glue gun and glued six blobs on the bottom of the jar for stability.

I tried to use the playdoh, but didn’t like how the stuff wouldn’t really stay up right, unless you used a hold bunch of playdoh.  I didn’t really like how the playdoh looked from the outside.


So after he placed all the stuff in the jar, I took it all out along with the playdoh.  Then I put it all back in how he had it, and with his instructions, but I used hot glue to secure his decorations.


He was sad that we didn’t have any more reindeer, but at least we had Santa.


This jar wasn’t as large so he couldn’t fill it quite so full.  After all was secure I dumped in the plastic snow that mom got at the craft store.


I really wish I had sprayed the inside bottom of the jar with that window snow paint.  I think it would have looked great, but I thought of it after, and I don’t have any….but you can use that idea, it’s all good.


Since this is a teacher gift and made in a Mason Jar I thought these tags would be perfect!


I designed the tag in Silhouette Studio software.  For the jar I used the print ‘n cut method, and cut the lid out in two layers.


Love the tag?  I know, it’s super cute.  And you are in luck, cause you can download here. For free.

This PDF file is the above printable tag for Christmas.

This PDF file is plain for any time of year.


This SVG file is for those of you who would like to use it in your cutting machine.  I did have to change the font for the SVG file because it was a little too thin for cutting.




Please note this design is for PERSONAL USE only please. Please do not forward, share, sell or distribute the files for any commercial purposes or claim as your own design. Thanks a bunch!



Dawn Marie

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Teacher Appreciation Week

As adults we have fully come to understand and value teachers.

Growing up we had bad ones, ones we didn’t like, ones that might not have liked us and we had great ones.

But as an adult with kids we can fully understand the difficulty teachers face everyday trying to get our kids to learn.

How do you gets kids interested? How do you keep their attention? How do you explain super complicated things in ways they understand? How do you make them sit still and listen? How do you keep up with all the academic rules, regulation & bureaucracy?   But above all how do you not lose your desire to teach?

I don’t have the answers.  But I do know that as parents we need to take the extra step to let our children’s teacher know that we care.

Not only do we care about our children’s education, but we care about those that are providing it.  We need to give them a little thanks.

This year Teacher Appreciation Week is May 5-9.  So get on Pinterest, or Google and find an idea for a nice homemade gift or card.  Or just reach out with a call or an email.  Tell those who spend so much time with our kids trying to better their lives that we appreciate all they do.


I helped celebrate some teachers at my nieces’ school with these decorations.  The PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization) got the teacher dinner and dessert during conference days.  My sister (who was on the PTSO for her girls’ school) and I decorated the break room where the food was set out.

teacher privew


I designed all the decorations using graphics from Just So Scrappy‘s digital scrapbooking kit School Rules.

Of course using my Silhouette Cameo to cut out all these decorations is a real time (and hand) saver.

There wasn’t really a great place to hang the two banners we strung them from the table.




My sister made different pies, so we made folded tent cards so the teachers would know what kind of pie.


The mini-bunting flags were used to decorate the pies.  The flags have little tabs that fold over the string to attach more easily.





The teachers really appreciated all the decorations but of course their favorite was the Keep Calm sign.



Remember to thank your teachers


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Easter Bunny Juice Boxes for a Preschool Easter Party

Ian has his Easter party at school today.
So what do I volunteer to bring?
Juice boxes of course because I can make them look like super cute little bunnies.
I found these Hansen’s Junior Juice
boxes and thought the would be perfect because there are just 4.23 oz, a perfect size for little 4 & 5 year olds.

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out all the parts for the bunny.

I was grateful that I had two mats!  I could load another one to cut, while I was taking all these little parts off.
I then just glued them all together and wrapped around the boxes.

I made 20 boxes and was able to use one 12×12″ sheet of pink card stock, scrap pieces of black and 7 sheets of 8.5×11″ white card stock. I also had the googly eyes, so I only had to buy the juice boxes, which I got 20 for less than $7.


I also broke out my Cameo to make a letter matching egg game. I got the eggs 18/$1 and I already had the vinyl. I cut out an upper case and a lower case letter, and put them on different colored eggs.

I put the upper case on the top half and lower case on the bottom half. The kids then would match the two letter s together.


We also had the kids make rabbit masks to hold up for a group picture.


You need a paper plate, card stock for the ears (white and pink), pipe cleaners for the whiskers and craft sticks for a handle.

We cut out the center of the plate, made a template for the ears and let the kids cut the ears and glue them together.


They turned really cute and we were able to get a great group picture.

Happy Easter



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Ian’s First Valentine Exchange

This is Ian’s first year at pre-school.  I am having such a wonderful time.  Oh, he is enjoying it as well.

My favorite thing about him being in school is the stuff he gets to make.  I LOVE it!  But I also love the stuff I get to make for class room parties and stuff.

As you may know today is Valentine’s Day.

I don’t like Valentine’s Day.  Seriously, it is my least favorite holiday.

You don’t get time off from work/school.  You don’t get ‘real’ presents.  If you are a girl you may get flowers or candy, and every once in a while some jewelry.  But those are anniversary gifts.  Plus if you want to go out to dinner or away somewhere, good luck!  Everything is always booked or you have some ridiculous wait time.

But you know why I really don’t like Valentine’s day?

The hearts.

Yep, that’s right.  I can’t stand hearts.

Except these kind.

Seriously, these are great.

I was trying to figure out some kind of valentine for Ian to give to his school friends that did not include “Be Mine” or “Love” or some other gross mushy heart filled sentiment.

Come on people! they are 4-year olds!  They can’t even read the cards!

Ok, so I found I found these:

Smarties Valentine Valentines

They are cute and use Smarties, which we all love.

So I tried to make something like that with my Silhouette Cameo.  Tip Junkie does offer a free printable for these cards, but I wanted to make my own.

This is as far as I got:

MSS_SmartiePants Valentine
I didn’t really like how they looked. The pants never looked right (that’s why they are not pictured) they were too big, the smarties didn’t sit in the right. I just wasn’t happy with the outcome. Plus there are hearts on it! yuck!

So I decided to try something else.  I wanted to give little gift bags, that way I could more than just one piece of candy in it.  I could add little sticker or an eraser or something like that.

Since I got my Silhouette Cameo I joined a Facebook group and someone posted this super cute card with glasses and a pun-ny little saying “In my Eyes…something or other.”  Using that as inspiration I made these:

MSS_EyeThinkYou'reSpectacular Valentine

I made my own cut files using a bag template and png file (for the glasses) that I already had.  I cut the word “Eye” out of black glitter card-stock, and the bag is just regular 65lb card-stock.

Of course my Cameo did all the cutting & writing for me, I just had to glue and fill.  I know, I know, there is a heart on the glasses.  What’s a girl to do?  It is Valentine’s day after all.


I had thought about letting Ian write his own name.  But he just wasn’t game.

Happy Crafting


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