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Running Log ~ Aug 7th

24 days

I have just 24 days until my very first half marathon.


yep, that’s me shouting and kinda freaking out.

I go back and forth on my confidence in my ability to complete this task.  Why you ask?

Honestly? I have no idea.

I have read articles written by people who are more out of shape & have less running experience than me, who have completed this task.  I tell myself, “why you so afraid? if they can you can!”  But every time I get ready for a long run, I get butterflies in my tummy.  Nerves. I am getting nervous on a run? which isn’t even a race? Why? The only person I’ll be letting down is myself.  The only person I have anything to prove to, is myself.  I am only competing against myself.

But you know what?  I still go on that run and I finish it. Every time.


The Workout Motivator


My lungs burn my feet swell.  When we first took off on Sunday my ankle hurt.  I was so mad about that.  I had gotten over my shin-splints bought new shoes and now my ankle hurts!  So I kept running, and eventually the pain went away.  I don’t mean I just ignored it, I mean it didn’t hurt.  I don’t know when it happened, but about half way through I realized my ankle didn’t hurt.  Simply because now my body was warmed up and blood was flowing.  The pain wasn’t an injury, but just a little protest from a joint that hadn’t really woken up yet.



I pant and I sweat.  I curse and I laugh.  And I walk to rehydrate.

Half my brain says “I can’t do this” and the other half shouts “SHUT UP! YES YOU CAN!” And so I keep running.  OK, sometimes I walk, but I’m fine with that.  If it will take walking intervals for me to complete my distance, who cares?

I go the distance.


This past Sunday we clocked 8 miles in.  And the pace was a minute faster than the week before.  Even pushing that stroller with Sid in it.


running quote, running motivation, run inspiration, 13.1 running rockstar half-marathon by oursoleintent, $15.00 #oursoleintent #livelovemove

This will be my motto for the race.  I just have to keep it in mind.


Just. Keep. Running.

C25K interval information can be found here

Dawn Marie


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Running Log ~ July 29th

I have been looking for a used inexpensive jogging stroller for a while now.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it as I don’t know how long I would really use it.  The boys are older and they won’t be a stroller forever.  I understand that there are wonderful strollers out there that are worth the hundreds of dollars spent on them.  But I am cheap, and just didn’t want to spend $100+ on a used stroller.  Hell, I didn’t want to spend more than fifty bucks.

And when I say I was looking, I mean I was waiting for a cheap stroller to find me.

It finally did.

I was driving home from work one day and I saw it on the sidewalk with a for sale sign.  I called and talked the guy down in price.

Friday night Ian spent the night at my mom’s so Saturday morning I thought was the perfect time to break the stroller in.

my 'new' stroller


I got some snacks for Sid, his blanket, his toy and water for me and we hit the road.

Sid's 'new' ride

It was my slowest pace since I started running again.

I didn’t think there would be a difference in running and running while pushing a stroller.  But there is.  It is harder.

One thing that helps with your pace is the movement of your arms.  When you push a stroller you either don’t move your arms or you only move one arm.  Plus it’s heavy and Sid is no light weight, so I have that extra weight.

But we made it, we did four miles that morning.  Plus I had a place for all my water.  I drink a lot of water while running and while I have a hand bottle, it isn’t enough.

The next morning I had a running date with my cousin.  She and I have not done any long runs in well over a month and we have a half marathon coming up.  Every week from now until then we will be doing at least one long run, and Sunday we started with 7 miles.

I hadn’t planned on bringing Sid, but he woke up just as I was getting ready to leave.  Not to worry, I can just bring him.

Which in all honesty, I was happy about, because I was concerned about my water intake on a 7 mile run.  I had finished about 40 ounces the day before on a 4 mile run, so how would I make it through 7 with only 16….But since I had my stroller it wasn’t an issue.  Plus we could bring our snacks and my cousin didn’t need to wear her running belt.

Again it was hard, but we did it.  We were slower than snails in peanut butter, but we did all 7 miles.  After, we were all “I could have done another mile or two.”

And that slow pace allowed us to talk.  Because for long distances you should run at a pace where you can maintain a conversation.  Right?  So it was good for us.



I don’t plan on taking a kid with me on all my runs, but having a jogging stroller gives me a little more flexibility.  It will allow me to go running during the times that I have only one kid, instead of always having to wait till they go to bed.  Plus the more I train with a stroller, the easier it will be when I don’t have one.



Sid didn't couldn't hang for 7mi

Sid doesn’t seem to mind riding in the stroller, even if it did put him to sleep.


Just. Keep. Running.

C25K interval information can be found here

Dawn Marie


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Thank You Coach Gift and a Giveaway for Silhouette Goodies

I can make anything with paper, but vinyl still scares me.

What about you?  Do you vinyl?

If not here is your chance to try!  I have teamed up with some other wonderful bloggers to give you a chance to win a gift certificate to purchase some vinyl and other awesome Silhouette goodies.

Silhouette giveaway graphic prizes


T-Ball is over, which makes me a little sad.  This year I volunteered to be the parent that took care of getting a thank you gift for our coaches.

I collected money and went out and purchased gift certificates for a self-serve frozen yogurt store.  I used sketch pens in my Silhouette Cameo to write the sentiment and dollar amount on the gift certificate.



Looks way better than my own hand writing!  I of course had to make envelopes out of fun baseball paper to hold the certificates.


I used my Cameo to cut out the envelopes and I also cut out “Thanks Coach” and glued it to the front of the envelope.

Of course being the over-achieving-silhouette-owner that I am, that just wasn’t enough.

I recently talked about my new love of glass etching and thought how awesome it would be to etch a picture frame with the word “Coach” and have a spot for the team picture and a spot with some baseball subway art.

I made up the subway art in a horizontal 5×7″ size, as our team pictures were also 5×7″.  I thought I could find a frame with two horizontal 5×7″ spots, but in a vertical orientation.

Boy was I wrong!  All the pre-cut mats for horizontal pictures were horizontal, making a long picture.  That just would look good with what I had in mind.

I found these (buy one get one free!) frames that had a horizontal 5×7 and lots of blank space.  And I realized I could do the subway art with vinyl!





I used vinyl as a stencil to etch the word “coach” in the glass.  Vinyl is such a great etching stencil, it gives nice clean edges so none of the etching cream leaks under the stencil.

I had to do an offset of the text, to get the look I wanted.  I etched it on the inside of the glass, so the outside is all smooth.



The colors of our baseball organization are blue and yellow, so I used blue vinyl for the subway art.   It was so easy to apply, and it gives it a look that says “this is the way I purchased them at the store.”



I forget how easy vinyl is to work with, my mind always first goes to paper.  What can I make out of paper?  Maybe now I will ask “Can I make that out of vinyl?”

I can’t over how easy this project was!  Although, if you notice in the bottom left corner it just says “base” with a blank space before it, I did have some difficulty with fonts.  It really says “1st, 2nd, 3rd” but the font was too thin, so I had to redo it in a different font.  But that was just a minor flaw, and was quick to fix.





I also made some cupcake toppers for our end of the season party, to go on the cupcakes my sister made.  (but they are made from paper)




The frosting on the cupcakes looks like grass, cause you know, that’s what the field is.


Ian and his trophy at the end of the T-Ball season




Now it’s your turn to make something!

I’ve teamed up with some amazingly crafty women to allow you a chance to get some vinyl, from Expressions Vinyl and My Vinyl Direct, and other goodies including a fabric blade and interfacing.  There will be one grand prize winner and three runners-up.

Enter below for your chance to win a gift certificate for some vinyl and a whole bunch of Silhouette goodies!

You only have to enter on one of our blogs, but be sure to check them all out.


Image Map


Use the Rafflecopter link below to enter the giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Good luck & Shine On

horiz_sig copy

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Teacher Appreciation Week

As adults we have fully come to understand and value teachers.

Growing up we had bad ones, ones we didn’t like, ones that might not have liked us and we had great ones.

But as an adult with kids we can fully understand the difficulty teachers face everyday trying to get our kids to learn.

How do you gets kids interested? How do you keep their attention? How do you explain super complicated things in ways they understand? How do you make them sit still and listen? How do you keep up with all the academic rules, regulation & bureaucracy?   But above all how do you not lose your desire to teach?

I don’t have the answers.  But I do know that as parents we need to take the extra step to let our children’s teacher know that we care.

Not only do we care about our children’s education, but we care about those that are providing it.  We need to give them a little thanks.

This year Teacher Appreciation Week is May 5-9.  So get on Pinterest, or Google and find an idea for a nice homemade gift or card.  Or just reach out with a call or an email.  Tell those who spend so much time with our kids trying to better their lives that we appreciate all they do.


I helped celebrate some teachers at my nieces’ school with these decorations.  The PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization) got the teacher dinner and dessert during conference days.  My sister (who was on the PTSO for her girls’ school) and I decorated the break room where the food was set out.

teacher privew


I designed all the decorations using graphics from Just So Scrappy‘s digital scrapbooking kit School Rules.

Of course using my Silhouette Cameo to cut out all these decorations is a real time (and hand) saver.

There wasn’t really a great place to hang the two banners we strung them from the table.




My sister made different pies, so we made folded tent cards so the teachers would know what kind of pie.


The mini-bunting flags were used to decorate the pies.  The flags have little tabs that fold over the string to attach more easily.





The teachers really appreciated all the decorations but of course their favorite was the Keep Calm sign.



Remember to thank your teachers


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