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Running Log ~Oct 1st

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Fall is in the air, well almost.  Mother nature is a little confused in my neck of the woods.  We are waking up to crisp fall mornings but enjoying summer afternoons.  This is also confusing to what we should be wearing, especially for my kids, the think it is still shorts and flip-flop season.  Which is fine during the day, but not in the evening.

The reason I bring this up is because last weekend one of my cousins got married.  She was having an outdoor garden wedding, which admittedly, this late in Sept in the Pacific Northwest is a real gamble.  But this year has been really dry (too dry in fact) and extremely warm.  The wedding was in the evening with the reception going on in to the night.  So the question comes up, what to wear? The day will be warm, but it will get cold at night….

I didn’t want to wear a skirt, because I didn’t want to get cold, and because I didn’t like any of the tops that I owned.  I could have gone and bought a new top, but I always have something in mind and then get super upset when I don’t find it.  Plus I have this pair of super cute shoes with matching bag that my sis gave me that I wanted to wear and none of my skirts would work.

OK. Pants it is. {Don’t worry folks, there is a running side to this story 😉 }

I have lots of short pants (capris) but only two pairs of nice dress pants, one brown-ish and one black.

If I wear the brown ones I have a top to go with it and I can wear the shoes and purse.

If I wear the black ones I don’t have a top that would go with the shoes, but I could just wear a different pair of shoes.

The black pants fit. I know they fit. I wear them often.

The brown pants have not been worn in at least 4 years. The last time I tried to wear them they were too tight on my thighs and my waist gushed out over the top of the pants.

What do I do? Do I leave the brown pants in storage? Do I try them on again and get all depressed because they still don’t fit? Do I just go buy a new top to wear with my black pants and not even think about the brown pants again? What do I do? What do I do?

I pull out the bin from under my bed, unfold the brown pants. Look at them, love them all over again, sigh.  Try them on.

They fit. Not only do they fit, but they fit like when I bought them.

I am going say that I have not seen a change in my body after all this running (so that 4 week thing is BS).  I feel like I am the same size as when I started running almost two years ago (this month will be 2yrs).

I am not diligent in my other training habits, I don’t strength train like I should (I know I should). Some weeks I don’t get as many miles in as I would like. I don’t eat well, I don’t like food, fruits and veggies are like torture to me, just give me carbs all day long.

But there has been a change.

I didn’t start running just to lose a bunch of weight.  Yes, I wanted to lose some weight, but really I just wanted to be healthier.  I started run to find myself, to find my sanity.  I run for me.  Because I like to run.  I did it so that I can take the stairs without having to pause for breath after one flight. I started to run so that I can chase my kids around the play ground, and keep up with them.  I did it so I could have an hour alone every once in a while.

So while I look in the mirror and my eyes see me as the same size I was, my pants are telling me that I am changing on more than just the inside.

So remember don’t give up.

Just. Keep. Running.

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