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10 Things I don’t (really) miss since becoming a parent

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Since I became a parent three years ago I sometimes find myself remembering with fondness our life before kids.  I don’t wish I had that life again, I enjoyed it, but I love being a mom.

There are just a few things I sometimes miss, like stopping by the bar after work to meet up with my husband and friends.  Or being able to quickly stop by the store to grab something, without it being a big production to bring the kids along, or figuring out who will watch them.

While those things are nice, I wouldn’t trade what I have for anything.  Not even for a 1950′ Corvette, or a beach house on Kauai’

1956 Chevrolet Corvette

Well maybe I would….

But there are somethings I do not miss, like stuff that is just highly overrated luxuries.

1) Sleep

OK, so I might miss it sometimes, but really who needs it?  We can sleep when we are dead, right?  Losing sleep means that I am there for my kids when they need me, no matter when it is.  If they are scared, hungry or just can’t sleep, they know they can come to me for comfort.  Sometimes they just need me to hold them while they sleep.

Sleeping Baby Sid

2) Warm meals

While it has been a while since I have been able to eat my dinner while it is still warm, I know my child is.  I know he is eating a warm healthy (sometimes just healthyish) meal because I am taking the time to feed him.  He might not always want it, and fights me about eating it, but I know he is well nourished.  When you have to feed two kids, the last thing you get to do is feed yourself.  At least until they are all done, and sometimes after they are in bed.

Dinner, I don't get to eat warm

3) Being able to pee, or shower, or do anything by myself

I don’t need visitors with my hygiene practices but I know that when he comes barging into the bathroom it is because he just wants to be with me.  I know my children love me because they won’t leave me alone.  Besides, who doesn’t enjoy having a conversation while brushing your teeth?

4) Clean clothes

When Ian was a baby he spit-up all the time, now Baby Sid does the same thing.  When Ian started to eat food the spit up on my clothes changed to food particles.  Either from his mouth or his grubby little hands.  Baby Sid likes to feed himself, so needless to say food gets everywhere, especially on me.  Sometimes I would be at work and smell baby vomit only to realize Baby Sid had spit-up on my shoulder.


Baby Sid

But that is why we have washing machines.  But all this mess is OK because it means my boys have enough food in their bellies.

5) Walking at any pace I want to

There is nothing better than strolling along at a snail’s pace with a three-year’s old tiny hand clutching your fingers.  Their little legs take little strides and it takes FOREVER to get anywhere.

But I am grateful my son has the ability to use his legs, because there are some that don’t.  I will walk at any pace he sets as long as he walks with me.

Ian walking with Sid

6) Watching something on TV that doesn’t air on Disney Jr

I used to watch crime shows, among other things, whenever I wanted.  Now when the TV is on it plays Disney Channel, Ninjago, TMNT, Star Wars, or some other superhero show.  My shows fill up our DVR because I never get the chance to watch them.  But that’s OK because my son is happy, and it could be worse.

7) Having an adult conversation with out constant interruptions

It is such a joy to be able to talk to an adult sometimes and not have a conversation about what this Lego guy or that action figure is doing.  However Ian usually likes to join those conversations and ask questions, lots of questions.

I love the sound of his voice and they way he pronounces words.  I love the way his mind works and the things he says.  I am always happy to hear what he says.

the boys

“Listen earnestly to anything your children want to tell you, no matter what.  If you don’t listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won’t tell you the big stuff when they are big.  Because to them all of it has been big stuff.”  ~ Catherine M. Wallace

8) Carrying only my purse

Gone are the days where I can grab my coat and purse then leave the house. Now I have more bags than I have hands to carry them.

I must make sure to get whatever the boys might need as we away from the house.  Will Ian need a snack or a change of clothes?  Will Baby Sid need a bottle, or will I be able to nurse him?  If I feed him a bottle I will need to pump, so I must bring that too.

Diapers, bibs, burp cloths, clothes, snacks, drinks, toys, stroller, camera, pump….

9) Getting ready to leave the house in 5 minutes

Getting all the things mentioned above takes time.  I have to carefully plan ahead and prepare.  Check the diaper bag for the necessities.  Get the food or bottles together and so forth.

Maybe I over-prepare but at least I know we will be ready to face whatever the day brings.



Plus it takes some time to look this stylish, and Ian has to gather all the things he needs to bring.

10) My sanity

Really though, who needs it?

While they might have stolen my sanity, I am sure happier for it.


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