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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day!!!!


Hey Dad, your cards are in this post, so if you keep reading you will see them.  Because, like always, they are not in the mail.  OK, I don’t know if the one my sister is sending you is in the mail yet or not, but I do know mine has not yet shipped.


Love you!


I made this card for my cousin to give her dad.




This is just a basic card for dads, there is no theme, but I really like it.


Inside is a simple pop-up that says “Dad” so from front to inside it reads “Happy Father’s Day Dad”


I really like the way the front turned out.  I just used colored card-stock and a patterned scrapbook paper.  I made sure there was no distance between the rectangles when cutting the patterned paper.  I used Silhouette‘s print and cut feature for the front sentiment.


I used sketch pens on the letters before cutting them out.



I think the card is elegant and still masculine.

My sister asked me to make a card for our dad, but she requested it be different from the one I would give him.


So I made this one for her to send.  I think it fits her and her family pretty good, as they are (well, really, we all are) huge Star Wars & LEGO fans.

The LEGO Darth Vader was also part of the blog hop I talked about here.



I wanted to do something different for my dad, than just another card.  I have seen all the fun puns on Pinterest saying “World’s Best Pop” attached to a soda bottle.  But my Dad lives out-of-town, and really I didn’t want to give him some soda.



At SVG Cuts I found this soda bottle in their Surf Shack kit and knew it would be perfect.


Using the bottle, I made a custom label, for the base and the neck.  I also used the print and cut feature to decorate the bottle top.


The base label says “Happy Father’s Day to the Worlds Best Pop” which I again used the print and cut feature.  I filled it with candy for him to enjoy.

I think it is quite a unique card and I had a blast making it.


Happy Crafting

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Star Wars Birthday Cards

I had an older brother who loved Star Wars, so I too, loved Star Wars.

When you are the youngest sibling and your older sibling becomes obsessed with something, you will go one of two ways.  You will either loath it or love it.  I went with the latter option.

We watched, we played with the action figures, ate off the dishware, wore the underoos, slept with the stuffed animals on the sheets, and reenacted our favorite scenes.  When you love Star Wars, you always love Star Wars.  It doesn’t fade with time, it actually gets stronger.

As a result my siblings and I have passed on this love to our children.  My eldest son could name all the main characters before he was two.

But let me clarify something, while we all love Star Wars, we are not fanatics.  I do not know all things Star Wars, nor do I know the names of obscure characters or their back histories.  We’re not that bad.

Thanks to the internet and media there is now a ‘holiday’ for Star Wars.  It is May 4th, why you ask (as if you don’t already know), because when you say “May the Fourth” it sounds like “May the Force“.  I know, I know, geekdome at its highest.

As a result a SVG company (SVG Cutting Files) hosted a May the Fourth blog hop, and I received some fun Star Wars cutting files from them. (The hop was only the one day, so you can no longer participate or receive the files, sorry).

I used a couple of files to make some birthday cards for my Star Wars loving nieces.

Star Wars Cards

One of my nieces also loves Hello Kitty, so the Hello Kitty Yoda was perfect for her.  Both of my nieces, and everyone, loves Ewoks, so I made my other niece a card with the cute little Ewok.



I had intended cut out her name on the front, so that the inside color would show through, but I was having some major operator errors that day.  I kept doing it backwards, upside down, etc.  When I messed up with the last piece of cardstock, the night before I needed them, I had to improviser.  I cut a rectangle out of the inside color and used the negative of her name.


Inside the Hello Kitty Yoda I phrased the ‘happy birthday’ sentiment just the way Yoda would.




You can actually translate words from Ewokese to English and back.  Ewokese doesn’t have words for every English word, but they have enough.  However, they do not have a phrase for “Happy Birthday” or anything close that I could use to convey that message.  So the sentiment on the front of the card translates to “wow! Gee Whiz” or “Oh My Goodness!” as a way to show excitement.


In a similar design as the Yoda card, it just says “Happy Birthday” inside.



The girls loved them, and said they would keep them forever.
Happy Crafting

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