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Last Minute Gift Giver

I have a confession to make.

I am a last-minute gifter.  You know that lady who is pulling her kid along at a run in the store looking for that toy, because she is on her way to the birthday party and is already running late…

Yep that’s me.

Don’t know why.  It’s not like I don’t think about what I want to get, or that I’m unsure if we are going to the party.  Trust me, I think about it, for days.  And, I always think, there’s still more time.

Since I have gotten my Silhouette, those last-minute gifts have turned into ‘what can I make’ the night before the party, which leads to finishing it 10 minutes before we have to leave, still running late.

One such instance I had an idea to give the birthday girl a personalized bag and beach towel, and another swimming related item.  But alas, the store didn’t have the type of beach towel I wanted, so I just got her a toy to o with the bag I was going to make her.

So here it is ten o’clock the night before and I sit down at my computer to make her bag.  I had planned on using the printable heat transfer material that I love.  I traced and colored in studio, got her name all curved and did a test print.

No red ink.

Girl Spiderman Bag

But I was in luck, I had just enough HTV to make her bag.  But weeding Spiderman’s face was a killer!

It actually turned out better than what I had planned.  I really like the way color of the bag shows through Spiderman’s black lines, so his mask is actually pink.  Cause you know, it’s for a girl.



We had to attend a birthday party for a pair of sisters (not twins, just born in the same month) while I was sick.  I wanted to make them something personal, but wasn’t sure what to do, or if we were going to make it to the party.  Cause you know, I was dying, or at least felt like I was.

I decided to get them a gift card to an ice cream store and make them personalized ice cream dishes.

Personal Ice Cream Dish

I cut the ice cream cone, sprinkles and names out of vinyl.  You can’t see in the picture, but the cone has a cross-hatch cuts to make it look like a waffle cone.

Personal Ice Cream Dish

I decided to make my own gift boxes, because I didn’t have a gift bag or boxes that they would fit in.

Ice Cream Gift

I made the gift boxes using cardstock and decorative paper accents, and coordinating tags.  I also added some straw-spoons to the box.  I finished these about 20 minutes before we had to leave for the party.

Handmade Boxes

I really love the way they turned out.

Hand made gift boxes

Of course I used the sketch pen feature to label the tags, because my hand writing is atrocious.


Neither of these projects would have been possible without my Silhouette.  I am still a last-minute-gifter but now at least  my gifts are personalized.
Dawn Marie


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Hand Made Floral Cards for Mom

This month’s Silhouette challenge had to involve flowers.  With it also being the month of Mother’s day I decided to combine the two topics.

This year I made three mother’s day cards and one Grandmother card (but the Grandma one doesn’t have flowers on it).

All of these cards were made with the help of my Silhouette Cameo.

The first card I made was a shape in the word MOM, but I replaced the O with a heart.  I added a layer of floral scrapbook paper and to give it more depth I cut out a two layered flower which was attached with dimensional foam tabs.  Because of the font I used for the letters, there wasn’t a whole lot of room to write inside the card, so the sentiment is a simple “Happy Mother’s Day.”

This was my first shape card and while I am pleased with the results, I won’t make the Ms so thin next time.




I came up with this next card after seeing the quote “There are two gifts we should give our children; one is roots and the other is wings” on-line while looking for mother’s day quotes.  Turns out my mom has had this quote hanging in her house for decades….and I had no idea.




I used a champagne metallic paper for the top layer and on the inside of the card.  I used Silhouette’s print and cut feature to write the sentiment and cut out a frame that matches the one on the front of the card.  I used different colors for behind the butterflies and the tree.  I only had the machine make a cut on the outer edge of the butterfly wings, so they just pop out a little.



The sentiment on the inside says “Mom, Thank you for giving me roots to grow and teaching me to spread my wings and fly.  Happy Mother’s Day”  While this one was probably the easiest to put together, it is my favorite.  I think it is elegant in its simplicity.



When I decided to make a floral themed mother’s day card, this next card is what I had in mind.  I wanted to make a vase of flowers on the front of the card.  The tulips would have been too difficult to put together if I had made them any smaller, and at that size, only two would fit in the vase.

In the end, two was the perfect number, because it didn’t clutter up the card.  I used pre-printed mother scrapbooking paper for the background and a silver sketch pen for the faux stitching. For the “Mother” banner I used the champagne metallic paper and the print and cut feature.  I tried using sketch pens, but it just wasn’t the right look.



I originally had thought about using velum or some kind of clear paper for the vase, to give it the look of glass, but then you could see the floral wire in the vase, and all the hot glue.  Not a pretty sight.

I still didn’t like the vase, just made with plain paper, so I used the sketch pens to add some dimension to it.  In the Designer Edition there is a sketch feature that allows you to fill in shapes, or change lines, to make the shape look more hand drawn, which is what I did to the vase.

I am very pleased with how this card turned out.  On the inside it says “May all the love you give to others come back to you on this special day.  Happy Mother’s Day”



I didn’t want to leave the Grandmas out.  So I made this card too, although it doesn’t have any flowers on it.  I also made one in different colors.  It is very cute, but thick, so it doesn’t really mail well.



Inside it says “Only the best moms get promoted to Grandmother.  Happy Mother’s Day”




Happy Crafting


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