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Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree


Footloose and fancy free

This weeks photo challenge topic is Carefree.

I have always felt carefree during summer.

When I was little I would start the day in my swimsuit and wouldn’t take it off till bed time, if then.  We would spend all day outside, swimming, playing in the sprinkler or in the tree house.  We would go to the park and camping.

We would consume massive amounts of Popsicles.

As I got older the summers turned into me and my future hubby taking off to go camping or a drive to the beach for some surfing.  Well, surfing for him, not me, our coastal waters are too cold for me to get into.

Now that I have children I still love summer time and all that comes with it.

Eating Popsicles for lunch


Or teaching Ian to swim ‘all-my-by-self’ in his life jacket



And the fact that Baby Sid is so happy in the water

DPC_Carefree02 DPC_Carefree01


My mom has always had the perfect yard for a slip n’ slide



And nothing says Carefree like taking a bath outside in a wash tub that has seen every baby bottom in our family



For me Carefree = Summer


Happy Shooting