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The Christmas Card of 2014

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

I actually got our fist batch of Christmas cards out this week.  When I order cards, I just order extra, but when I make them I always make less at first.  I don’t want extra hand-made Christmas cars lying around, because they have the kids pictures on them, I can’t use them for next year.

My sister had always sent out Christmas cards with a picture of her kids.  For Ian’s first Christmas we decided that we would have one picture done with all three kids.  That way we can send one card to all our joint family and friends.  Almost every years since (except last year, because I didn’t do cards last year) we have sent out a joint card.  Typically I just order them, but not this year.

This year I decided to go back to making my own cards, because I can just use my Silhouette Cameo.  It will be easy peasy.  Unless you are like me and decide you need to make a Christmas card with like a hundred pieces.  Needless to say they took a little longer than I thought they would.

We went to a local mall where a few times a day they release bubble snow in the atrium. I took a picture of the kids in the falling snow and thought it would be a great idea to make a shaker card like a snow globe.  I used this snow globe file from Bird’s Cards, which is a great resource for free card files.

Back to the pictures, I didn’t like the mall and all the strangers in my background so I went a head and used Photoshop to ‘fix’ it.

MSS_XMas Cards Orig


MSS_XMas Card Edited

Doesn’t that snowy tree scene look so much better?  (Which was a free desktop background file)

While the three older kids did a great job taking a group picture, Sid didn’t cooperate all that much.  I had many wonderful pictures with the other three, but no Sid.

MSS_Xmas Card Boys


For the picture of the boys I used this picture in front of the silver tree they had up.  There wasn’t a good picture of those two with the snow.

So, you wanna see how the card turned out?

MSS_Xmas Cards 2014

MSS_XMas Cards 2014

MSS_XMas Cards 2014

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


p.s. family and friends, there is another batch going out, so don’t worry if you haven’t gotten yours yet.



Dawn Marie

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Tracing PNG & JPEG in Silhouette Studio

I belong to a few Silhouette related Facebook pages.  They are a wonderful support group for beginners and experienced users.

More and more I see questions about tracing images in the Silhouette software in order to make them cut files.  This is one of the main reasons I decided to go with the Silhouette brand cutting machine.

You are able to take any image and make your own cutting file.  I make a lot of decorations and invitations in Photoshop, then cut them with my Silhouette.

However, the tracing tool in the software is not that intuitive, so there is usually a number of questions about tracing.  I put together this power point to help someone with tracing and thought I would share it with everybody.








MSS_SilhouetteTraceing_Slide7 MSS_SilhouetteTraceing_Slide8

























Please note, I have the second version of the software, as I have not taken the plunge and upgraded to the third version.  While the settings and option are the same, their location and how you do things might be different.  I also have the designer edition, but everything in the tutorial is available in the standard addition.

Happy Crafting



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Can you say ‘Procrastination’

I spent a lot of time in Photoshop making the decorations for Baby Sid’s birthday party.

They turned out phenomenal, if I do say so myself.

For the past four days my computer screen looks like this:


I can not find the energy to edit the pictures.  It won’t take me long, but I keep finding something else to do.

Maybe I will be able to finish them this week….

Happy Editing

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