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Running Log ~ Dec 14, 2015

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Last month (November) was apparently the month of the races for me.  I ended up participating in 3 5ks and one half marathon.  Admittedly I knew about one 5k and the half.

My training for the half had been somewhat lacking.  October was busy and after the Mustache Dache I started fighting a chest cold.  It started as a sore throat and ended in my chest, but I wasn’t about to let that stop me.

I know there are two schools of thought on this one: either you rest or you run it out.

I feel like most of the time I can just run it out.  This time was no different.

I did take some extra steps, like mixing All Day Nuun with OJ a couple of time a day to boost my Vit C intake.

nuun_allday copy

But here is the thing with that…while I think the running and healthy habits helped it couldn’t keep the cold away.  I still got a sore throat then cough, however, it didn’t knock me out.  I wasn’t 100% but I wasn’t down for the count either.  I could run with the chest cold and cough, but about 3-4 hours after I would have bad coughing fits, and on running days the cough would keep me up at night.

It did slow my half marathon time, but I don’t think I would have been able to participate if I had succumbed to the cold in the beginning.

While at the Hot Buttered Run I saw Skora* had a product tent there.  I have been coveting a pair of Skora shoes for a while now and I am need of a new pair of shoes.

Turns out Skora* was selling their sample shoes for $20! and had one more pair of Tempos in my size! Take my money now please! So sample shoes are shoes that the Skora brings to events for people to try on, so they have been tried on and ran around in a little bit, but no really worn.  So it’s not like they have been returned or anything like that.  But how could I pass up a sale like that?

I couldn’t wait to try them out.


ugh! I got blisters/chaffing on the back of my ankles.

First run was my right ankle, my sock slipped down, made it about 2 miles, added a band-aid, kept running.  Only made it another mile or so before I had to quite.

Second time around I wore taller socks, and a band-aid on my right ankle but now got a sore on my left ankle.  The gym had no band-aids so I only made it about 1 3/4 of a mile.  Then I had to move to the elliptical (wasn’t gonna quite moving!).

So the new shoes are shelved right now until I contact them and figure why it’s happening.

Good news, the rest of my feet were super happy.

I thought was done racing for the winter, but I am now registered for the PRC Winter 5k series.


There are three races; one in Dec, one in Jan and one in Feb. All three races are 5k, and you can get a discount if you register for all 3.  The one in Feb is a prediction run, so you can’t use timing devices, you predict how long it will take and the race is chip timed.  I have never done something like this, so this should be fun.

I am trying to get my 2016 race calendar set up and I keep finding more races!

Just. Keep. Running.

*Skora is offering $15 off your order when you click through my site! This link will take you to a coupon code to use towards your purchase.

runnerboxFor my loyal readers RunnerBox is offering 10% your purchase by using the code RUNMSRUN so go start your subscription today, or go buy one for that runner in your life.

Want to find out what is on my race calendar?  Check out my list.

Dawn Marie

This year my running club and I will be participating in the Hood to Coast Relay Race as a fundraising team. We will be raising money for Providence Cancer Center to help #FINISHCANCER. Click on the picture below (or here) to donate today.

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