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Running Log ~ Feb 20th

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I finally got a long in this past weekend.

My cousin is running a half marathon the same weekend I am running my 15k.  So she needs to get her miles in and start tapering off to be ready for her half.  I on the other hand really only need to prepare to do 10 miles in a couple of weeks.

Since I haven’t ran more than 4 miles in a while, I took it slow and I only ran 9 miles instead of 10.  I also had to do some walking in there, and the rest of the ladies sometimes stopped and waited for me to catch up (even though I told them not to).  For the long runs, it’s not about the time, it’s just about the distance.

love the long run


When we got to the 4 mile mark I knew I didn’t want to run all 10 miles, cause we still had to go back to where we started.  I told them to go ahead and we would meet up on their way back.  I walked a little and ran a little till 4.5 miles, then I turned around and headed back, I stopped a couple of times to wait for them, but got cold and board so I kept moving.  They caught up to me and passed me on the return, but I was ok with that.

I like the group run, but I like the solo runs even more.  This worked out nice because I get the fun of a group run after and during pit stops, but I can kind of run by myself (with them all in front of me).  A little of both worlds.

running quote

Lately I have been running while at work, taking a break to get 3 miles on the hill done.  I realized I don’t like running at night anymore, I am just too tired.  And if I am being honest, that is really the time that I get all my crafting done.  I can’t function in the morning, so if I do try to run I am super slow.  It is really great to run in the middle of the day, and it is a nice break from work.  I also enjoy it because the weather here has been so nice, if I waited till the boys went to bed I’d have to go to they gym and I wouldn’t get to run outside.

My cousin wants to do 11 miles this weekend….



Just. Keep. Running.

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