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Racing Bib and Medal Display

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Who know that almost one year ago I would run my first race and become an addict?

MSS_race bib display

After running the Shamrock run last March I knew that I would continue to race as long as I can, as many races I could.  Last year I was able to participate in five races.  Two of those races included finisher medals.

I was a loss for what to do with the bibs and medals from the races.  I am kind of sentimentalist so I knew I wanted to keep them, but how do I display them?

I figured I wanted a sign with an encouraging phrase on it and hooks to hang everything.  I also wanted to incorporate the distances I ran and one that I will run.  I found a blank wood sign at the craft store for less than $5.  I picked up the hooks at my one-stop-shopping store for a couple bucks, including the back brackets for hanging.  Because of the size of the sign I decided to attach the medal hook to the back and purchased a hook specially designed for that.  The paper and vinyl I already had.

I first painted the wood, but didn’t like that look, so I covered it with scrapbook paper using Mod Podge.

MSS_Racing Bib Display

After determining the size of the area I had to work with I went to my Silhouette Studio to design my sign.  I used the distance (in miles) of a 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon (which I plan on running this year).  I used the quote “Take in the fact that you just did that”  I really liked the quote because it reminds me that every race, every run is an accomplishment.

MSS_Bib Display

I planned on using white vinyl for the numbers, because I wanted them in the background and not over powering the sign.

MSS_Racing Bib Display


After cutting out the vinyl and taking the backing off the numbers I realized my vinyl was clear, not white.  I am not even sure where I got clear vinyl….

I thought it would be ok, and that the clear vinyl would make subtle.  It was, too much so.  If I looked at the right angle I could see the shiny numbers but I needed them to stand out a little more.

MSS_Racing Bib Display

I took my white chalk pen and went around the numbers, it gave them more depth and I was now able to see them.  I actually like it better than if I used white vinyl because it is visible but subtle.  I went over the whole thing with a coat of Mod Podge to protect the paper.

MSS_Racing Bib Display


At first I thought I would position the bib hooks so they would hang flat, one hook in each corner of the bib.  But I realized that even with only my five bibs there was a size difference, so that wouldn’t work and I decided I would just hang them by one corner.  This also allows for another hook if I need it.


MSS_Racing Bib Display


I attached the hanging brackets and medal hook to the back, with screws.

Side note: I had to use one hanging bracket on each corner because the sign weight was uneven with the weight of the medals.  If I put one bracket in the middle it would tip towards the medal side.

MSS_Racing Bib Display


I was going to put it in the living room, but decided the wall above my dresser was a better choice.

MSS_Racing Bib Display


So now when I get up in the morning I get to see it.


MSS_Racing Bib Display


It will also be easy to add my new bibs after each race.


MSS_Racing Bib Display


Of course I am hoping that I will fill it up and need to make another one!



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