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Menu Plan Monday May 19th

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This past weekend the Hubby had a chance to go fishing off the coast with his fishing buddies.  They filled their crab tags.

The pots were so full, they didn’t even bother measuring the crabs.  If they couldn’t immediately tell it was over the size limit they threw it back, because there was another bigger one waiting.

So he wanted me to make the Crab Corn Chowder that we (I really mean he) is having for dinner.  I don’t eat crab.  Yes, yes I know.  Everyone tells of its glorious taste.  I don’t like it, and it kinda grosses me out.  Save your breath.  I won’t change.

In order for me to make this soup, he had to crack all the crab.  There are just somethings I won’t do.

Ian was fascinated by the process, but wouldn’t eat any crab.  Sid finally took a bite…..and was hooked!

The whole time he hovered around, stealing crab when his dad wasn’t looking.

The green bowl, in the picture below, was full of crab so I dumped it in soup.  Ty put about another half a crab in it then left the room.  He came back to an empty bowl.


Sid also ate some soup, but not that much because it was really spicy, and while he likes spicy food, it might have been a little too much for him.

Of course he later came over and finished the salad I had been eating for dinner.


Menu Plan 5/19-5/25

Mon: Corn Crab Chowder

Tue: Sloppy Joe’s with tater tots

Wed: Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon

Thr:  Creamy Grilled Chicken Piccata

Fri: Leftovers

Sat: Kitchen is Closed!

Sun: Baked Fish Sandwiches with potato salad


Happy Cooking


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