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Handmade Baby Boy Onesie Gifts

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Ahhh…..Spring is in the air.

Seriously all over the air, making us all sneeze like crazy!

But it also brings about more and more baby showers!  My new favorite thing to do is to make onesies for the new babies.

A cousin of mine lives all the way across the country and had a baby last December.  A few weeks ago she brought the baby back west to meet all the family and friends living here.  They had a little party and specifically asked for no gifts.


pfft.  yeah right! Like I could go see a brand new baby boy and not out fit him in some adorable clothes.

So I made these onesies using some heat transfer vinyl that I cut out with my Silhouette Cameo.





The black heat transfer vinyl was a free sample from Happy Crafters.  I was very pleased with the results.  The designs for the gentleman shirt went on smoothly and quickly.  When the vinyl adhered to the shirt it immediately released from the transfer plastic.  So there was no slowly lifting the corner to see to make sure it is sticking.






The top hat and monocle seemed fitting for a southern gentleman.



This is the back of the gentleman one.  My cousin is super funny and one day was complaining about the use of hashtags on Facebook.  So…..I couldn’t resist.





I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to attend the Meet & Greet, so I thought I might have to mail them to her.  But at the last-minute I was able to go, so of course I had to make a gift bag, because, well….I can.




I have another cousin who is expecting and we will be giving her baby shower soon.  So stay tuned for some more adorable onesies.


Happy Crafting

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