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Running Log ~ May 13th

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I am feeling down and out about running.

I was running 4 days a week and now I have gotten myself busy with other things and I keep putting the gym off.  So I am running maybe two to three days a week.

This lack of running is showing.

Tonight I could only get two miles out before my shin started to scream and yell at me.

I am feeling alone in my running, and the treadmill is not working for me.

But neither is running on the road, because I can stop anytime.  I don’t have to push the button to slow my pace.  I can just stop.  and I do.  Plus I am just feeling out of time.

So I needed a little motivational help.

There are a couple of running sites I follow (LearnToRunStrong.com & OurSoleIntent.com) and also follow on Facebook.

Right before Mother’s day I get a notice that for the next week they are doing a Shine On Mother Runner Empowerment Celebration.


On Facebook join the event and you will get a daily training workout, daily motivation, recipes, tips, a chance to win a You Shine prize, given daily, and more.

There is a declarations page for us Mother Runners to download and sign.  Then you document yourself, by picture, with the declaration and something involving running.  Post the picture to either Our Sole Intent or Learn to Run Strong‘s Facebook pages.  And don’t forget to tag it with hastag iShine.


Here is the declaration page, download it, sign it, have your family sign it.


Hopefully this is just the type of group motivation I need to get back on track.

You should join us too.

Together we move MILES



Just. Keep. Running.

Another Mother Runner Half Marathon Training Program can be found here

C25K interval information can be found here

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