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Running Log ~ March 24th

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Why is the biggest obstacle our minds?

Who is that negative voice in my head?  Where did she come from?  I surely didn’t invite her in!

Monday night’s run was mentally challenging.  I was tired, I am board of running inside, my son didn’t want to go to bed, I had a million and a half things to do to get ready for his party this weekend….and the list goes on.

But what I really wanted to was to run.  I wanted it, I needed it.  So why was my brain trying to talk me out of it?

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As I stated before I am all about distance now.  I know how far I want to run, eventually.  I have another 8k in a couple of weeks and I want to run the whole time.  So my workouts are all about how far, I can’t stop until I go the distance.

I have done it before, I know I can do it again, it’s only 4 miles.

Why won’t my brain listen to me?  Why does it keep telling me to quit or slow down?

Monday’s work out was a constant battle with my brain.  She kept telling my legs to quit….I kept telling my legs just half a mile more.

The first mile was the hardest, the second was the easiest.  By the third mile I almost listened to the Negative Nancy in my head.  (no offence to anyone named Nancy, I am sure you are not in the least bit negative)

I almost said, ‘Three miles is good enough’


Running motivation

But I didn’t .  I told myself, if you want to be done, run faster.  You have to get 4 miles behind you, so the faster you run, the faster you can finish.

So I upped my pace to a 11 min/mile.  I thought “11 minutes, that’s nothing, it’s like 4 songs.”  I can do this.

Before the first song was up I was ready to slow down.

But I didn’t and before you know it, I had a half a mile left.  And I upped the pace again.  Because, the faster you run, the faster you can be done.



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I then went home and did some restorative yoga.  Because running and yoga are good for the mind and body.

Just. Keep. Running.

C25K interval information can be found here

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