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Running Log ~ March 12


I have this race in a few days.

I wasn’t going to post a running log till after my run on Thursday.  I plan on taking today off and then running tomorrow, but not again until race day on Sunday.

But last night was hard.

So this next sentence will be TMI.  Sorry. But you got to hear it to understand how I was feeling.

Yesterday I was having some bad cramps, and was bloated and not really feeling like moving, let alone running.

But I didn’t go Monday because I wanted to go last night.  And I kinda have this race this weekend.  So I went for a run.

Let’s back track to Sunday’s run.


Sunday’s Run

Isn’t that lovely? I am less than half a mile from the five-mile mark.  And yes that distance includes my warm-up and cool-down.  But, hey, I traveled them so let’s count them.  Plus that distance means I ran more than 4 miles.

I was really jazzed after that run.  I had so much energy. I felt confident that my next run I would reach five miles.

All I had to do was keep running.

Tuesday's Run

Tuesday’s Run

Now back to last night.  As you can see I did not make the five miles.   I didn’t even make it as far as Sunday.

I was exhausted.  The first mile was hard, the second mile was a little easier, but I almost didn’t make it.  I had to take a break.  So I walked for two minutes, dropped my phone (which had my movie on it) so I had to pause and pick it up.

So now back to running.  This time I only made it one mile before I had to walk for two minutes.  But when I started running again I picked up my pace.  I had less than 11 minutes until 52 minutes and I wanted to get my last mile done by 52 minutes (gotta set a goal).

I did just that.  I thought I would then run as long as I could after, but turns out I stopped at 52 minutes for my cool down.

So I am slightly disappointed in myself for not hitting that 5 mile mark.  But I have one more day to run before the race.

Running Quote

via Pinterest

Just. Keep. Running.

C25K interval information can be found here

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4 thoughts on “Running Log ~ March 12

  1. Your are still out running us couch potatoes. GO girl!!

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