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Running Log Week 8

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This is hard.

This time I don’t mean the running part.  Yes, that is hard, but what is really hard is the commitment.   I skip one day that I was supposed to run and I almost can’t start again.

I was supposed to run on Wed evening, but I didn’t.  No good reason, I had a lot to do at home.  But I always have a lot to do at home.  Stuff always needs to be done.

Thursday night I didn’t want to go.  I was tired, I didn’t sleep well the night before.  My Little Big Man said “lay wiff me, jis for a minute.  If you donna lay wiff me for a minute I will keep coming outa my room”  What’s a mom to do?

I slightly fell asleep almost instantly, I was drooling.  I was in there for about fifteen minutes.  Then he told me I could go.


So go I went.  I dragged my feet, watched a little the news, but I went.

I really thought I would have to write about how I failed to run the full 30 minutes.

Half way through I had to start giving myself little goals again.  But I really believed I wouldn’t be able to run all 30 minutes.

I just ran.  Just two more minutes.  Just 3/10 of a mile more. One step. Pound. Two Steps. Pound.

I ran. I ran. I ran.  And you know what happened…

Week 8 Day 3

Week 8 Day 3

I did NOT stop.



C25K interval information can be found here

Happy Running

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