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Menu Plan Monday Feb 3

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I had some epic crock pot failures last week.  OK, so maybe they weren’t epic, but I did have to make a whole new dinner one night.

This week I will not use my crock pot.  I am tempted….

I think Baby Sid is going through a growth spurt.  He is eating nonstop!

After eating, continuously munching, at my sisters all day on Sunday he came home and ate a huge dinner.  More than his brother.

Also on Thursday night last week, I had to help my mom pick up her new floors.  It took too long and my sister got my boys from the sitter and made them dinner.  Baby Sid came home and ate dinner again.

20140202-231049.jpgHe is so cute!  The Hubster was eating dinner and Baby Sid kept begging and stealing bites so I made him a plate.

Menu Plan 2/03-2/09

Mon: Meatloaf and potatoes

Tue: One Pot Chicken Alfredo with garlic bread

Wed: Lowcountry Smothered Pork Chops with Roasted Red Potatoes 

Thr:  Make-Ahead Unstuffed Shells 

Fri: Left Overs

Sat: Kitchen is closed

Sun: Roast Time

Happy Cooking


Need something to help plan your meals?  I use the Plan to Eat online meal planner.  Try it free for 30 days

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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