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12 Days of Christmas Tradition Dec 15

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For their first Christmas my mom bought my nieces an advent calendar that is refillable.  So every year she buys stuff to put behind the little doors.

Last year she found one for Ian, he didn’t fully understand the concept of it, but this year has been great, although he still doesn’t completely understand.

Each day he opens  a door, they are numbered but I let him open whatever door he wants.  I just tell him when all the doors are empty it will be Christmas.

Advent calendar

This year my sister bought him a Lego advent calendar, so he actually gets to open two.

Advent Calendar

Every morning he asks to open a door, and then asks about twenty times more each day.





Scrapbook page was made using Just So Scrappy‘s In the Frosty Air kit, Lego picture was made using Summertime Designs Believe



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