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Earlier this week I had the boys in the car (a ’97 4Runner) with me on our way to the Wonderful-Sitter’s house.  Sid in his infant car seat (clicked into the base) on the passenger side and Ian in his toddler car seat on the driver’s side.

I was headed south down a road and there was a white minivanish vehicle sitting at the stop sign on a side street.

The next thing I know I was jolted like a pinball on the passenger side.  I look over to see coffee flying everywhere and splattering on the windows, the seats and all over our stuff.

My car goes sailing across traffic to the east side of the street, where I might have hit the sidewalk, and I pull to a stop on the shoulder.

I jump out of the car and run around to Sid’s side to see his car seat tilted on its side, base and all.  It was still buckled in, and not completely sideways because Ian’s car seat stopped it.

I had to unbuckle it to get it upright again.  Ian asks “what happen?” with no fear or concern.  I assessed the kids looking for any injuries asking Ian over and over again if he was hurt.  “I fine mama, I feel good, I not hurt.”

Sid was crying and I tried to calm him, but didn’t want to take him out of the car seat.  It was cold and there was a slight drizzle, plus I wasn’t sure if he was hurt and didn’t want to do anymore damage.

I was furious!  I couldn’t believe someone was so careless!  That feeling didn’t last long though, it quickly turned to shear and utter relief.  Everyone was OK, no apparent injuries.  (the verdict is still out on me, I have a lot of neck and shoulder pain which is giving me bad headaches)


The other car was finally able to cross the street and come over to us.  I didn’t ask for an explanation about what happened.  I knew what happened, he pulled out as I was driving by (see above diagram).  His car hit the front corner on my passenger side, then scratched the back door and hooked on my rear wheel well.  It doesn’t matter why he pulled out, just that he did.

We exchanged information and I called in the claim.  I could tell he felt bad about what happened, it was a mistake.  A bad careless one maybe, but still just a mistake.  When I was on the phone with the insurance agent I would look over at him and I could see it on his face that he was mortified about hitting my car.  Right then and there, I forgave him.

When I looked at my car I thought it was driveable so I took Ian to Wonderful-Sitter’s house and took Sid to the urgent care clinic (all within a mile of the accident).  While Sid had no apparent injuries I just had to be sure.  I couldn’t just ask him if he was hurt.  When I was talking to the insurance agent Sid kept crying, and he threw up, so I wanted to get him looked at.  He got a clean bill of health, with the exception of some spots that might have turned to bruises (but they didn’t).  The boys had a follow-up appointment with their pediatrician the next day.

As it turned out, my car was not driveable.  I could tell something was wrong so my sister came to get Sid and me from the urgent care clinic.  My car was towed to an auto body shop and declared TOTALED!  Unfixable.

Now I have to car shop!  Ugh. I am not looking forward to this.  I hate looking for a new car.  I should be happy, maybe I can get a minivan now….

When I drive the boys now I have this anxiety that runs through me.  No matter how good of a driver I am, there are just some things beyond my control.  I fear for their safety, although it hasn’t made me super paranoid, just more cautious.

It is always scary when you get in to an accident, but it much worse when your kids are in the car with you.


Happy & Safe Driving





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