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12 Days of Christmas Tradition ~ Day 4

One of the reasons I love the Christmas holiday is the traditions.

I love reviving old family traditions, and making new ones.  I love remembering fondly the things that I did as a child at Christmas time and the things I couldn’t wait to do again.

As an adult, I get to make sure our family participates in our traditions and make new ones.

My mom started this tradition with my nieces.  She was somewhere, I think Vermont or something, when she found this large wooden Advent Calendar.  You fill it with new items each year.  It is a pretty good size and each compartment can hold more than just a piece of candy.

She found another one after Ian was born.  Luckily for me it is not as big as my nieces so id doesn’t take up as much room.  My mom fills it with little gifts and a piece of candy.


Ian loves little toys so this is perfect for him.  This year she put in  little gift for Sid, but he doesn’t know what is going on.

Last year I just let Ian pick a door to open because he didn’t know what the numbers were.  Now that he knows his numbers I am making him find the correct day to open.


He also gets a Lego Advent Calendar, and the past two years have been Star Wars.  Each door has either a Mini-Fig or a little space ship to build.


We call it a count down calendar instead of an advent calendar and everyday he asks again and again if he can open another door.  Each day I have to tell we only open just one door.  I don’t know if he is excited for more gifts or because I tell him when all the doors are open it will be Christmas….


Happy Counting



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What are your Christmas Traditions?

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12 Days of Christmas Tradition Dec 15

For their first Christmas my mom bought my nieces an advent calendar that is refillable.  So every year she buys stuff to put behind the little doors.

Last year she found one for Ian, he didn’t fully understand the concept of it, but this year has been great, although he still doesn’t completely understand.

Each day he opens  a door, they are numbered but I let him open whatever door he wants.  I just tell him when all the doors are empty it will be Christmas.

Advent calendar

This year my sister bought him a Lego advent calendar, so he actually gets to open two.

Advent Calendar

Every morning he asks to open a door, and then asks about twenty times more each day.





Scrapbook page was made using Just So Scrappy‘s In the Frosty Air kit, Lego picture was made using Summertime Designs Believe