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Race for More Virtual Run

As you may know I am raising money for the Ironman Foundation.

I love racing for a cause because I love giving back to something that has given me so much.  I am really excited to work with the IronMan Foundation and all the good work they have done and will continue to do.

Each year, a select group of athletes from around the world race on TEAM IMF to support the mission of the IRONMAN Foundation. Together, we share a passion to create positive tangible change in our race communities and prove that “Anything Is Possible.”

Since 2003, over $50 million has been provided through IRONMAN charitable giveback programs including the IRONMAN Foundation to more than 8,300 local, regional, national and global nonprofit initiatives. Through these partnerships, IRONMAN athletes are powerfully linked to the community and together we leave the IRONMAN legacy behind in our race communities long after race day. We #RaceForMore.



In order to raise money for the foundation I am hosting a 5k virtual run.

How to play:

  • Click here to RSVP to the Facebook Event
  • Donate to my fundraising campaign.
  • During the month of March run a 5k and post something in the Facebook Event page about it.
  • I will send you a delightful treat.
  • Feel good about the good you did and the activity you completed.


Thank you for your continued support


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Happy Hug a Runner Day


Today is Globally Organized Hug A Runner Day (GO HARD).

A couple of years ago some friends wanted to get some runners together to recognize what they do and that has now turned into a running holiday that keeps getting bigger and better.

This year the folks from Run the Edge (the people behind GO HARD) decided they wanted to raise money for the charity Girls on the Run.  This is a wonderful charity that I heard about this past year and I hope to be a part of next year.


GO HARD is hosting a virtual run, and all the proceeds go to Girls on the Run, plus you have chances to win some cool prizes.  You can join the virtual race for a mere $5.95 and run any distance you want, just sign up for 5k, 10k or 13.1 miles.  You then post your times and see how you placed.  You can run outside, inside, on a track or treadmill.  You have till Nov 30th to post your times.

You can also register for the race and get a medal and/or shirt (with a higher registration fee.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 6.29.56 PM

(above images are from hugarunner.com)

Once you register you can download and print out your bib.  Take a picture of you with your bib and post it to the Hug a Runner Facebook group.

If you are not a runner but want to support one you can send them a hug.  Or you can just actually hug a runner that you know and support.

I registered for the virtual 5k race and got the shirt. I have to run on the treadmill at the gym because I run either too late at night or too early in the morning for outside runs this time of year.

Go ahead, hug your runner.


Just. Keep. Running.

Want to find out what races I’ll be doing next year?  Check out my list.

Dawn Marie


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Running Log ~ Week 11


Have you seen my countdown number yet?  My race is approaching so fast!  Due to a few set backs I am not yet able to run a 10K.  I thought I would by March, but that didn’t happen.

But that’s ok.  I really only need to be able to run an 8k, which is about 5 miles.

Right now I can do four.  So I am confident that in two weeks I will be able to run 5.


click pic for source

So here is how it has gone since my last log.  I have regressed.

I was fighting running the three fifteen minute intervals, so instead I ran three ten minute intervals and one 15 minute at the end.

I ditched the app.  I know what I need to do now.  I just need to run.

My new goal is to stop focusing on time and focus on distance.  In less than two weeks I will be participating in my first race event.  I need to know that I can go the distance.  I don’t care how long it is going to take, well I do, but not as much as I care if I can finish.

click pic for source

But how did I do the last couple of runs?

Last Tuesday's Run

Last Tuesday’s Run

Sunday's Run

Sunday’s Run

Can you see? Between Tuesday and Sunday I had increased my distance but decreased my time!


But here is the most exciting picture this week:


I got my race number!!!!!

Just. Keep On. Running.

C25K interval information can be found here

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