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Running Log ~ Week 11

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Have you seen my countdown number yet?  My race is approaching so fast!  Due to a few set backs I am not yet able to run a 10K.  I thought I would by March, but that didn’t happen.

But that’s ok.  I really only need to be able to run an 8k, which is about 5 miles.

Right now I can do four.  So I am confident that in two weeks I will be able to run 5.


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So here is how it has gone since my last log.  I have regressed.

I was fighting running the three fifteen minute intervals, so instead I ran three ten minute intervals and one 15 minute at the end.

I ditched the app.  I know what I need to do now.  I just need to run.

My new goal is to stop focusing on time and focus on distance.  In less than two weeks I will be participating in my first race event.  I need to know that I can go the distance.  I don’t care how long it is going to take, well I do, but not as much as I care if I can finish.

click pic for source

But how did I do the last couple of runs?

Last Tuesday's Run

Last Tuesday’s Run

Sunday's Run

Sunday’s Run

Can you see? Between Tuesday and Sunday I had increased my distance but decreased my time!


But here is the most exciting picture this week:


I got my race number!!!!!

Just. Keep On. Running.

C25K interval information can be found here

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