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A bitter-sweet goodbye

I am a child of summer.

I love the feel of warm sun rays on my face.

I love playing in the water, being on a boat or just sitting outside reading a book.  I love the heat.

Growing up I always said I was born in the wrong region.  This area is not known for it’s nice weather.

I always get depressed when summer ends and the fall, meaning constant rain, begins.  Fall also brings weakened immune systems, the flu, bronchitis, and always being cold.  Have I mentioned how much I hate being cold?


Well, I will now.  I hate being cold!  It is the worst.  OK, I know, there is really no such thing as cold, only the absence of heat.  Just another reason why I love summer; HEAT!

This year is a little harder cause fall also means my baby boy turned one!  And Ian started school! They are growing up right before my eyes!


Here is the kicker.  I love the holidays that come with the cold weather months.  And I couldn’t possible spend a Christmas in an area that doesn’t require me to wear a winter coat.  Or where you don’t have to wear a layer of thermal and waterproof gear under your Halloween costume.

I know crazy right?

I haven’t always LOVED Halloween; I have always enjoyed it, but never really loved it.  Well I do now!

Not just the costumes but all the decorations and fun things.  It is another holiday where creative juices don’t just flow, they burst the dam with tsunami sized waves.

This is even more apparent now that we all have Pinterest.  I can’t believe all the great decorating and costume ideas I have found on there.

Both last year and this year I have let Ian pick out his costumes.  We do this while it is still summer, because if it has to be made, my mom doesn’t want to make it at the last-minute.  I am absolutely amazed how after he makes a decision about his costume he sticks with it.  For months!  Let me remind you that he is three.  It doesn’t matter how many times we look at costumes, once he made up his mind, it is set.

Since Sid is a year old and can’t make these kinds of choices on his own, I picked his costume.  And of course it is in theme with Ian’s.  They are going to be so cute!

Even as I am writing this I am looking forward to all the wonderful things we will be doing this fall and winter.   And I am getting happy and excited.  It doesn’t hurt that today the sun is shining through my window, even if I am freezing.

With not as much sadness as I would have thought, I am saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall.  Even if it means I have to deal with constant rain, wetness and cold.  Even if it means putting away the bikes, pools and lawn chairs and bring out our winter clothes and rain boots.





Happy Fall y’all

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Snake Eyes begs for candy

I love Halloween!!

Halloween is even greater than it was before because I get to share it with my kids.

This year was Ian’s third Halloween.  The first year he was only 7 months old and I dressed him up as a bat to go with his cousins who were vampires.

Ian and Luna at their first Halloween

My nieces friends and their parents came over for a pretrick-or-treating party with food and games.  Then all the older kids went trick-or-treating and we stayed at my sisters to hand out candy.

His second Halloween he was a monster, and super-duper adorable.

Ian and Dad at his first Trick-or-Treating

We went out trick-or-treating with my cousin and her daughter, who is just a week older than Ian.  Us adults had to go up to the door with the kids and ask for the candy.  The kiddos could talk, but were being shy.

This year he rocked it.  We get a catalog from a company called Chasing Firflies, they sell kids clothes and costumes that are amazing.  They are expensive  but the quality is worth it.  My sister has some of the girls costumes from there, including one this year.  We showed Ian the catalog and out of all the boys costumes he decided he wanted to be Snake Eyes from G.I. Joes.  For two months he stuck to his decision.  Every time we asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween he would through his fist in the air and proclaim “Snake Eyes!”

The Snake Eyes costume was too large for him so I searched for a cheaper version and had my mom alter it.  I was afraid come game time he would change his mind, or decided he didn’t want to participate, or wouldn’t wear the mask.

Much to my delight and pleasure he was still excited about the costume.  So we  donned his alter identity, took pictures with his cousins and headed out into the night while the baby stated with Bamama and Tante to hand out candy.  He held his sword up and said “I Snake Eyes!”

Ian as Snake Eyes with his cousins

At the first house Dad, Uncle and I stood back on the street as the three of them walked up to the door and politely begged for candy from a complete stranger.  My heart swelled and burst with pride for my big boy and longing for my little baby back.  I heard that little voice say “trick-or-treat. Thank you” and then he came back with a huge grin holding his plastic pumpkin bucket and told me “I say trick-or-treat and I get candy!  Let’s find anoder house Mama!”

This continued at each house and as his bucket got filled I would have to carry it for him and he would say “whew. it’s so heavy. I so strong mama.” when I gave it to him on his way up to the door.

Since his cousins aren’t typical nine-year olds we didn’t stay out long, because they wanted to go home, not because my son was too tired.  We headed back to my sisters and he got to examine his stash and have a few pieces of candy.