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What’s in a RunnerBox?

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Recently I partnered up with a wonderful company The Runner Box and I am excited to finally tell you more about them!

Did you ever wish it was easier to hear about products that might benefit you as a runner? You know, when you find that one thing and wonder why hadn’t you ever heard of it before?!

Or you want to try some new fuel or electrolyte water enhancer but don’t want to commit to a whole box of them? How do you try just one?

Don’t worry, I have just the answer for you. You have someone else do all the work, put it in a nice little box and ship it right to your house.

Yes, you heard me. A box of samples shipped right to your house.  And not just any samples, but samples runners, or tri-athletes or cyclists.  I thought this was such a great idea! They do all the research, find all the cool products and send us samples.

Unlike other subscription box services there is no pressure to buy the products after, and pressure to review them for points!  Which I love! If I like the product I will buy it, if I don’t then I won’t.  And Runnerbox knows it.

So what do you get in a Runnerbox?


Inside the lid of the box is a motivational quote, always needed, I am a running quote junkie.  There is also a sheet that lists all the samples with descriptions of the products and where to buy them directly.


Runnerbox doesn’t just put 4-5 samples in a box for you.  They jam pack it full to bursting.  They stuff that box completely full.  It’s like a tent, once you take it out, the items never fit back in.


There are snack bars, mid-run fuel, electrolyte drink enhancers, ice pack, pain patch, sunscreen wipe, healthy chips and granola, to name a few.

If you want to give a gift of a Runnerbox but not necessarily a full subscription they also have birthday box! You can send someone one box that is specially designed for a birthday present.


It comes with confetti, birthday mints, a birthday card and those streamer party poppers to help celebrate.


The birthday kit not only comes with all the great running samples but other sample as well.  There was a whey protein shake in cupcake flavor.  Vitamins for woman (because I got the box for women), shampoo & conditioner, a set of running lights for running at night and an awesome bottle opener.

Know someone who is going be running their first (or fortieth) race? You can get them the gift a Limited Edition Race Survival Kit.  Full of items that have been well thought of for pre- and post-race.

Picture of Limited Edition Race Survival Kit

Image from RunnerBox


For my loyal readers RunnerBox is offering 10% your purchase by using the code RUNMSRUN so go start your subscription today, or go buy one for that runner in your life.


Just. Keep. Running.

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