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Menu Plan Monday Sept 14th

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Well, I told you all I would plan out a month of meals, but then I completely lost track of time and never even got the menus for the first two weeks of Sept. up for you.

We are still getting adjusted to school and soccer has also started, so things are getting crazy.

I am not one of those extreme coupon people, but I do try to save when I can.  I love the fact that the stores that have the club cards (like Safeway) allows you to add coupons to your card.  Then when you swipe your card, or type your number in the coupons automatically get applied.  No more clipping, and forgetting coupons.  They don’t do the double coupons, and stuff, so the extremest still use the real thing, but for people like me this is great.

I can get on my phone use the app and save some money.  Safeway has come out with some Just for U coupons, so they let you save on the things you buy. And I will be the first to admit that this has led me to shop at Safeway more and more.  When I am careful and only buy what is on sale, or buy what I need I save lots of money.


Just the other day I went to the store and saved $60! I know, to some who do this full-time that is nothing, but for me that is pretty darn amazing.  And all I did is use their club card and load coupons on it. Nothing special. (oh and just a note, this post was in no way sponsored or endorsed by Safeway, I was just really excited about my savings and wanted to share it with someone)

The pork chops we are having for dinner tonight came as a buy one (pack) get two (packs) free.  So that saved me twenty bucks right there, since there are two chops per pack that gives us plenty for dinner and lunch for my husband.  They were already seasoned, but it was just seasoning salt, so I can live with that.


Menu Plan 9/14-9/20

Mon: Pork Chops and couscous

Tues: Baked Spaghetti with garlic bread

Wed: Sweet & Spicy Bacon Chicken with creamy Parmesan Noodles

Thr: Meatloaf with potatoes

Fri: Sid’s birthday dinner @ Chuck E Cheeses

Sat: Tacos & Spanish Rice (no tacos for me only pre-race food)

Sun: Relay Race Day ~ No cooking for me!


Happy Cooking

Dawn Marie



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