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Running Log ~ Aug 30th

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My race is this weekend!



Seriously in two days I will be waking up super early so I can run 13 miles!Race Bibs

That’s my race bib and my cousins.  Apparently when you pay a bunch of money and run a bunch of miles they personalize your bib.

I am packing for the race tomorrow and need to go to the store to get snacks.  Because when you run that much you burn some serious calories and I don’t want to pass out on the road.  Of course I have a list made.  And I will probably over pack.

Race Weather

The weather is looking pretty good, not too hot, and some clouds to keep us from over heating.

I decided that Darcy and I needed matching shirts.  But not shirts that match every other runner.

Oregon Runner

So of course I got out my freezer paper and Cameo and made a stencil.

Oregon Runner Shirt

Don’t they look good.  After some failure with spray fabric paint and technical tee, I went back to what I knew would work.

So last weekend we did a taper off run, meaning  it was still far, but less than 9 miles.  The plan was to run 8, but Darcy’s GPS on her phone stopped for a bit and her Map My Run app didn’t record about a mile.  But mine did (whew), so we did get an accurate reading, we just ran farther than we anticipated.

Ian was recovering from his adenoids/tonsillectomy and woke up about the time I was getting ready to leave.  He had been wanting to go on a run with me, so I relented and let him come.  This meant I had to push the stroller, which with him was about 45 lbs!

So around the eight and a half mile marker I was loosing it.  I was so tired and worn out that I would shuffle a few running steps then had to walk.  Of course I had to get back to my car, so I had to walk and ‘run’ to get there.  Then we had to-die-for-pastries at the French Bakery that we just happened to park next to.

I got two more 5 mile runs in this week to keep me prepared for the race.

I’m nervous and excited.  Plus, there is wine at the end.   And a medal.


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Just. Keep. Running.

C25K interval information can be found here

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