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Running Log ~ July 1st

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Upper respiratory infections, I understand you might come around in the winter, but mid-June?  Really?

OK, so I got sick.  I started feeling a little down and took a couple of days off running.  no big deal.

Your setback is the platform for your comeback.

From CaryScottTalks.com

Then I started coughing, and coughing, and coughing.  And I just couldn’t stop.  The doctor said “well, you probably have bronchitis or pneumonia.  We can tell you for sure with a chest x-ray.”

I decided to pass on the chest x-ray, as the treatment is the same for either.  I got some good cough medicine, except it was laced with codeine, which made me sooo tired.  I waited a few days to see if I improved on my own before taking the anti-antibiotics.  Which, even when I did start taking them didn’t do anything.

My breathing was bad, I couldn’t make it up two flights of stairs.  Remember, at work I walk up six flights a day, multiple times.  I kept thinking, I could probably go to the gym and get on the bike.  At least I would still be doing something.  But by the time the boys went down, I was ready to go down too!

I will overcome

Image from Running Through Chaos

Fast-forward to more then three weeks…

I am still kind of coughing, but I can breathe now.  Have I been running yet?  Nope, but I will go to the gym tonight.  I promise. I plan on doing intervals, switching between running and walking, and I will also do the bike.  That way I can get a long workout in, with out over taxing my lungs.

I do have a huge race in a couple of months.  I know I need to ease back into things, but I don’t have a lot of time to train.  I have to go from no miles to thirteen in two months….

That is mentally daunting.  I start to feel down, start thinking I can’t do it.

But I will over come!

Wordless Wednesday 3

image from ComeBackMomma.com




Just. Keep. Running.

If you are looking for some tips to push through a setback check out this post by FriskyLemon.com

C25K interval information can be found here


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