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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour


This weeks photography challenge is the Golden Hour.

The golden hour is defined as the first and last hours of the day.  This is because of the quality of light, and its effects on what you are photographing.

I have lots and lots of sunset pictures.  When we lived in central Oregon we would see glorious sunsets on a daily basis.  The Oregon Coast offers magnificent sunsets.

But I didn’t want to go that route.  I wanted a new picture.

On Saturday we went to a friend’s house, they live on a Christmas tree farm, so there are lots and lots of land around them and I made sure to bring my camera.  The big boys were paying with our friend’s bow and arrows, so of course Ian wanted to play too.

I love Ian’s expression after shooting the arrow.  He was so excited!


They were shot at 7:38pm (sunset was 8:57 pm, so they were a little outside the golden hour, but close enough for me):
1/100 sec
f 5.7
400 ISO
55.0 mm focal length

I did not do anything to the pictures in Photoshop, but I think they could use a little adjustment.  The pictures needed a little more light.  But that’s how it is with kids, they decide to do something and you have no time to test the light before they are done.

I also had to include one of some plant life.


It was shot at 7:40 pm at 1/85 sec, f 5.7, 200 ISO, 55.0 mm focal length

Happy Shooting


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