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Pinterest Tuesday Feb 5

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On the first Tuesday of every month I will post about something I found on Pinterest that I actually did!  Sometimes it will be about a craft project, sometimes about food and sometimes about a ‘miracle’ cleaning product.

So this months Pinterest Post is actually something I didn’t make, but enlisted my to do so for me.  While I probably could have fumbled my way through this project, it was much quicker to ask my mom.

It is all about nursing!

I saw this pin:

and knew I needed to do this.

One of the things I hated about nursing was the exposed stomach and/or back.  I have a few nursing tops that fix that problem, but they are expensive.

I also have a few of these nursing tank tops from Target.  Which I love, but let’s be honest, there is no support for anyone larger than a B cup.  Plus they are thick and so not very good for wearing under shirts.  But I do live in them at home.

I have a nursing cover, so that takes care of the front, but I still hated thinking my back was exposed.  Not to mention when I am pumping, while no one can really see my torso, it gets uncomfortable and cold.  I thought this was a great solution.

I am not going to post a tutorial because I want you to visit her site to get it.  It is really easy to do, you don’t really even need to know how to sew.

Basically you start with a tank top/cami, I got mine at Forever 21 and only paid about $3 a piece.  I guess everyone knew about their cheap cami prices, but it was news to me!

I then printed the tutorial out for my mom and gave her the camis.

This is what she gave back to me:


My finished cami

I  had her add a little bit of elastic to the back to help hold it up.  They actually stay up just fine as long as the tank is not too big, but it makes me feel better to have the elastic.

Pinterest Cami02

How my cami hooks to my bra

I just attach to my bra and go!  They are not really good for layering if you have a low-cut top because they do sit kind of low on your bust line.

The tutorial is really easy to follow and these are so easy to make!

My mom is so handy with a sewing machine!  I also had my mom make me one of these when I had my first son:

She just used whatever fabric and bra clasp she had around. It fits more like a bikini top then the ones you can buy.  If you are handy with a sewing machine it is fairly easy to make.  Sorry, I wish I had directions on how to do it, but my mom was the one who put it together.  If I have her make me another one I will post it.  She really made me more than one, but I ended up giving them away!

This is another great tutorial for us nursing mamas:

Source: hourglassy.com via Dawn Marie on Pinterest

It is hard to find a good bra, let alone a good nursing one.  So it is great that you can take a normal bra that fist the way it should and turn it in to a nursing one.  I haven’t made this one yet, but the tutorial  makes it look easy.

Happy Pinning


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